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Weaving the Web

This article appears in the issue March 2005 (100 Companies) [Volume 14, Issue 3]

Interwoven introduces LiveSite Content Publishing Server, which is said to allow users to create and publish dynamic Web sites--including public sites, intranets and extranets--while still providing IT with the tools to maintain a high degree of control and security.

Key product features of Interwoven LiveSite include:

  • WYSIWYG publishing--enables rapid design of Web pages, as well as content contribution and launching of new "microsites" using templates and drag-and-drop layout capabilities;
  • component-based page assembly--allows business users to choose from a gallery of approved Web building blocks for assembling pages quickly and without coding;
  • point-and-click customization--permits users to control the overall site experience by easily making customizations directly to a page;
  • in-context review and edit--enables quick content modification without having to go to a separate content management interface; and
  • single-point deployment and delegated administration—allow IT departments to centrally manage site templates and a component library to facilitate efficient code testing and maintenance.

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