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Vignette strengthens capabilities

This article appears in the issue February 2006 [Volume 15, Issue 2]
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Vignette has launched an enterprise-class synchronous and asynchronous collaboration solution in a single interface. 

The company reports new features in Vignette Collaboration Release 7.0 include:

• instant messenger integration (Microsoft Live Communications Server)--provides presence awareness of collaboration users and facilitates synchronous discussions;

• internationalization enhancements--enable the display, storage and search query of any Unicode supported language;

• hierarchical group support--provides easier administration of access policies through better mappings to company directories;

• search engine enhancements--improve search engine integration and robustness;

• administration console enhancement--lowers cost of administrative tasks through a simplified interface, including cluster management;

• usability enhancements--reduce the number of clicks for common actions and provide in-place editing of documents;

• high availability support--provides 24/7 enterprise-class architecture through a robust clustering model;

• installer enhancements--simplify the process and the prerequisites for installing Vignette Collaboration; and

• updated supported platform matrix--provides updated list of supported operating systems, databases and user directories.

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