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Verity announces K2E 5.5

This article appears in the issue April 2004 (100 Companies) [Volume 13, Issue 4]

Verity has released K2 Enterprise (K2E) 5.5, its flagship search, classification and recommendation software. The latest version includes five new capabilities said to enable intellectual capital management (ICM) system administrators to better monitor and manage their systems and users to locate or uncover information with greater ease, speed and accuracy.

Verity outlines the new features:Advanced query analytics (AQA). The AQA system provides real-time analysis of the ways people use an ICM system. It allows administrators to learn all aspects of system usage and performance, from types and trends of user queries, to what content is being accessed most often or sought but not found. AQA then allows administrators to act on those findings to adjust content, the metadata or the presentation.

Event-driven indexing. That capability completes the feedback loop for administrators, says Verity, going from content analysis to content input and delivery. As new content is created, it can be automatically inserted into the enterprise data index and made available to users in real time. That eliminates the need to wait for scheduled spidering processes to locate and index new and time-sensitive content, enhancing the value of content evaluation applications.

Session-based recommendations. Verity claims this feature is well-suited for environments in which user information needs change rapidly. Further, the combination of recommendations based on past and present behavior can be made on individual or group actions to let administrators adjust the system accordingly.

Query-based summaries. To assist users in quickly identifying the most relevant items in a results list without downloading or reading an entire document, the query-based summaries feature dynamically generates document summaries based on a user's query.

Spelling suggestions. Verity says K2E's new spelling capability permits an enhanced user experience by eliminating the frustration and waste of time that comes with misspelling or mistyping a term in the query box. Rather than provide no results, K2E 5.5 offers multiple spelling suggestions and gives administrators the ability to customize dictionaries. The spelling dictionary is built dynamically from the ICM's index.

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