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Text analytics for the Mac

This article appears in the issue March 2006 (100 Companies) [Volume 15, Issue 3]

Attensity has released Version 3.0 of its extraction engine, the first major text analytics offering to support Apple's Mac OS X Jaguar, Panther and Tiger operating systems.

Attensity Discover 3.0 provides business and government users a single application to both parse unstructured text and rapidly discover what it contains, the company reports. Attensity further says the new release enables customers to quickly and easily structure datasets from within the application, adds capabilities to conduct deeper analysis with insights found through tabular views, and provides users with an improved text viewer.

Discover 3.0 uses highly developed linguistic technologies to extract the facts from unstructured text and organize them into a relational database. Each row in the table represents an event, and each column an attribute of that event, such as location, time, action or actor.

Attensity adds that features enable users to view and export raw text when an insight is found using the "Actors, Actions and Objects" tabular view of the text. The new version also delivers optimized wildcard queries and counts by records to better help customers find facts, track trends and tag threats.

Craig D. Norris, Attensity CEO, says, "Attensity Discover 3.0 has become a one-stop shop for text discovery."

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