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Sitescape upgrades its offering

This article appears in the issue June 2004 [Volume 13, Issue 6]

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Sitescape has launched Forum 7.1, the newest edition of its enterprise collaboration solution.

The company says the new version includes new capabilities designed to ensure greater enterprise scalability, enhance document management capabilities and create a richer graphical user interface. To enhance the user experience, Sitescape says, Enterprise Forum 7.1 includes new tools such as Forum Overview, HTML viewer, multifile download, HTML e-mail, graphical workflow, time zone and language preferences, improved LDAP support, server security and administrative interfaces.

Forum 7.1 includes administrative enhancements such as:

  • DMZ server locations, which makes it easier to have larger, more secure configurations behind multiple firewalls, allowing servers to be located in a DMZ (secure, demilitarized zone);

  • custom-form interface, which uses frames to display both the tools and elements in the command, allowing users to modify, delete or reposition these elements while getting a cumulative view of the form/command as it is built;

  • expanded role definition editor, which allows users to modify the access rights allowed to each role for all Forums and workspaces that inherit roles from the workspace; and

  • LDAP-synchronization scheduling, which allows zone managers to specify a schedule for Forum to automatically synchronize its user and group database with the LDAP-based server.

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