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Setting sights on global sites

This article appears in the issue March 2006 (100 Companies) [Volume 15, Issue 3]

FileNet has released Web Site Manager, a Web content management solution designed to provide all the tools necessary--from a single platform--to manage the user experience and deliver content for large numbers of global Web sites.

The company reports the offering provides dynamic content management, allowing Web content to be personalized and targeted to a specific audience, while also ensuring that content is timely and relevant across multiple channels. Further, says FileNet, the solution maintains strict control over the behavior and presentation quality of all content.

The new suite scales globally while allowing business users to manage their content and their sites. Authors can use FileNet's WCM interface or manage their content directly in FileNet P8, Office, SharePoint or portal environments.

Multisite management capabilities enable delivery of highly localized content, in a multilingual environment, while conforming to overall branding and site structures in multiple formats through multiple channels. It further facilitates rapid creation and launching of micro-sites in support of specific Web or mixed media campaigns, the company says.

FileNet¹s new suite offers customers the flexibility to choose any combination of FileNet WCM solutions that meet their specific needs, all enabled by a single ECM platform.

In addition to Web Site Manager, the suite includes Document Publisher and Site Publisher. Document Publisher is designed to allow users to automatically publish documents to multiple viewing communities without requiring expertise in Web publishing technologies. Site Publisher makes process-driven Web content immediately available when and where it is needed.

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