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Kazeon enhances Information Server

This article appears in the issue February 2008 [Volume 17, Issue 2]

Kazeon has released Version 3 of its Information Server product line. The company reports it now addresses a wide range of electronically stored information beyond the data center--including e-mail, laptops and desktops--and extends support for data centers and remote offices with federation capabilities.

Through this expansion, says Kazeon, enterprises are able to cost effectively implement solutions to multiple business challenges with a single software platform, including proactive and reactive e-discovery, litigation support, information security and privacy, compliance and storage optimization.

Kazeon’s Information Server is now available in two new versions: Data Center Edition and Server Remote Office Edition. Also new is the Kazeon Information Center, which supports federated management, search and reporting of distributed enterprise information. These offerings are available as a pre-packaged appliance or as software-only. The company highlights the following capabilities of Version 3:

  • the ability to be installed and running in just under 12 minutes;
  • the ability to sustain 1,500 files per second for metadata and 700 files per second with search indexing;
  • deep crawl performance of 47 MB/sec when scanning for content;
  • sub-second response times for searches;
  • a 70 percent reduction in metadata storage;
  • Targeted Single Step Collection, duplication management, legal hold and e-mail threading and analysis for e-discovery;
  • automatic validation and risk assessment for information security and privacy, as well as for compliance requirements;
  • native connector for Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers;
  • native connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault;
  • the ability to crawl, index and search individual e-mails and attachments inside PST files, as well as take actions on selected (or entire) search results;
  • internationalization improvements through the addition of international character sets for tagging, searching, saved query names, copying into folders, report names and descriptions; and
  • significantly enhanced Web-based administration.

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