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Hello, RubyContent 3.0

This article appears in the issue February 2006 [Volume 15, Issue 2]

Rubenstein Technology Group has released RubyContent 3.0, a Web content management offering optimized for the needs of the small-to-midsize organization. The company says the new software features a comprehensive set of automated business tools that allows intuitive management of Web site content by content managers and creative professionals--with no IT support required.

The main features of RubyContent 3.0 include:

Template-driven architecture--eliminates the need for HTML programming, removing technical restrictions for creative staff while ensuring format consistency and continuity.

Dynamic content sourcing--extracts and applies data from disparate sources, both online as well as offline, automatically and in real time.

Online lead capture--creates Web forms to generate automated e-mail messages, dynamic database entries and other functions.

Automated updates and expirations--apply custom business rules for scenario-based management of content changes.

Syndication of content via RSS--pushes content out as real-time data stream for mass online distribution.

SEO-friendly page structure--facilitates search engine optimization by generating simple word-based page URLs, as well as permitting manual editing of page meta-information.

Total editorial control--defines permissions for system access, automatically routes content to editors and managers for editing and approval and permits previews of content changes prior to implementation.

Multiformat publishing--manages automated publishing of specific content to particular pages in predetermined formats, i.e. text, HTML, PDF and others.

RubyContent 3.0 is built on the open-source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Perl) Web development platform.

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