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Fuego and Proforma team up

This article appears in the issue July/August 2005 [Volume 14, Issue 7]

Business process management vendor Fuego has formed an alliance with Proforma Corp., the goal of which is to enable the timely, low-cost development of robust, point-to-point, round-trip interfaces communicating Proforma's ProVision process semantics to FuegoBPM.

FuegoBPM is a software platform that enables companies to achieve the promised benefits of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), says the company. Customers can model their business processes, define key performance indicators, simulate them, connect those processes to people and systems, run them, manage process exceptions and measure, monitor and optimize their effectiveness.

Proforma recently introduced ProVision BPMx, the latest addition to the ProVision modeling suite. BPMx has been designed to enable organizations to perform comprehensive, goal-directed business process modeling and analysis functions that are critical for business process improvement and BPM success. It is comprised of modeling and analysis components to address: process motivation, process participation, process design and workflow, process simulation and analysis, as well as robust BPEL and XML-based interfaces that allow organizations to seamlessly collaborate with BPM solutions.

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