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FAST offers new platform and SDK

This article appears in the issue November/December 2006, [Vol 15, Issue 10]

FAST Search and Transfer (FAST) recently launched the Personal Search Platform (PSP), which extends FAST's Enterprise Search Platform to individual desktops.

The offering includes FAST Personal Search, which locates information locally, across the enterprise or on the Web, as well as a software developer's kit (SDK). The SDK is an OEM-specific software development component that enables software providers to extend their solution functionality to the enterprise desktop. FAST PSP provides an enterprise-focused personal search platform for delivering branded solutions.

FAST says PSP enables organizations to expand personalized intelligence by connecting users to the local, enterprise and Web sources they need to find everything they want--desktop files, e-mails, premium content and favorite Web content--with just one query. With a higher degree of personalization, FAST PSP delivers results that match the perspective and needs of each user, while preserving security and information access standards.

The company explains PSP provides a 360-degree view of the enterprise and the desktop, thus eliminating what it calls "application hopping" and searching. Users can take action on items directly from FAST PSP, regardless of application, speeding work and eliminating delays as each result opens with full application functionality. Further, it says, PSP can be configured easily, personalized (for both the enterprise and the user), and deployed seamlessly throughout an organization within minutes. FAST adds that PSP adheres to industry-standard security protocols and policies, enabling users to see and search that content for which they are authorized.

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