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Entopia launches K-Bus 3

This article appears in the issue January 2005 [Volume 14, Issue 1]

Entopia has released K-Bus 3, the latest version of its software infrastructure, which is designed to deliver third-generation information discovery. The company reports K-Bus 3 is the only comprehensive infrastructure that captures the essence of enterprise content from both structured and unstructured information sources. Also captured is all employee interaction around the content, such as reading, writing, discussing, e-mailing and printing, as well as security and access controls.

Entopia says that by converting all of that valuable information into a single, unified language, it can deliver personalized results that were previously unattainable through its discovery services, which include enterprise search, social networks mapping, expertise location and content visualization. Finding the right information, people and communities ensures that the organization is capitalizing upon and further driving the effective collaboration that powers business innovation and competitive advancement.

By connecting to all content resources and looking at the concepts contained in, the context of and the usage of the information by employees, Entopia's technology captures the key elements of business knowledge and collaboration. Entopia K-Bus 3 is a robust and scalable infrastructure that consists of the following components:

Enterprise Content Connectors. The offering includes a broad array of pre-built native connectors to the most widely deployed enterprise data sources, including content repositories, transactional applications, e-mail systems, news feeds, etc.

Metadata Repository. K-Bus aggregates and maps all of the valuable information about the data--including the concepts contained in and the user activity and business context surrounding the content--to a single metadata model to provide a centralized representation of all enterprisewide content.

Information Discovery Application Services. Proprietary information discovery algorithms leverage K-Bus 3's metadata to deliver new business insight directly to the user through: enterprise search, expertise location, content visualization and social network mapping.

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