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BI goes UDM

This article appears in the issue October 2004 [Volume 13, Issue 9]

Carving out a new niche for itself, ClearForest has unveiled the Text Analytics 6.0 platform, which allows organizations to analyze unstructured text and enterprise data simultaneously. ClearForest believes much of an organization's enterprise intelligence exists as customer call center forms, technician service notes, contracts or product warranty claims. It adds that unstructured text documents reside in legacy database systems as well as in other enterprise systems and that the 6.0 platforms allow access to all this information.

New developments in 6.0 include system management software, an administrative dashboard, upgrades to development tools and integrated extraction categorization capabilities. In combination with ClearForest Analytics, says the company, these extraction capabilities provide increased levels of depth and accuracy, enabling organizations to turn free text into a source for enterprise analytics.

Release 6.0 may be deployed as a standalone analytic application supporting specific queries, visual analytics and reports, or fully integrated within an existing business intelligence system. Examples of unstructured text sources include Web-based news articles or research as well as other electronic formats such as e-mails, PDF, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides.

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