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Attensity unveils Facebook Analytics Module

This article appears in the issue October 2011, [Vol 20 Issue 9]

Attensity reports it has developed the industry's first real-time, in-depth Facebook analytics solution. As part of Attensity Analytics 6.0, the new Facebook Analytics Module enables business users to quickly and easily analyze Facebook comments, posts and surveys to extract deep business insights, says the company.

Attensity claims the new module expands upon its ability to monitor and analyze more than 75 million online and social media sources, including real-time access to Twitter's Firehose or complete data stream. Users can enter a specific Facebook corporate profile and then automatically receive--in real time--posts, comments and survey responses from that page, or comments otherwise publicly available. The "likes" in posts, comments and surveys on Facebook can also be leveraged and understood as 'votes' for richer understanding.

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