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An online repository of patient data

This article appears in the issue February 2009 [Volume 18, Issue 2]

Physicians and employees at Bon Secours Health System Inc., which is headquartered in Maryland, will have immediate access to patient information through a new electronic medical records (EMR) system.

The healthcare system provider will use Vignette IDM to capture and digitize free-form patient data, and to index the content to augment information in its electronic patient record system, Bon Secours ConnectCare. Bon Secours will install the solution eventually at all its facilities in Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky and New York, as well as Maryland.

Laishy Williams-Carlson, CIO at Bon Secours, says, "Vignette enables us to digitally capture and manage a variety of unstructured clinical documents such as administrative documents, consent forms and external patient information, and link them directly to the patient information in our new Bon Secours ConnectCare system. Combining this information with patient metadata already stored electronically gives our healthcare providers more timely and secure access to critical patient information, driving improvements to the quality of care we provide to our patients."

According to a press release from Vignette, the Bon Secours ConnectCare system will give physicians, nurses and healthcare providers quicker and easier online access to comprehensive patient data, including such records as doctors’ notes, x-rays and charts. The healthcare provider has implemented the first phase of the deployment in Greenville, S.C., and will complete that project this winter. Then the solution will be rolled out to the rest of the hospitals in its healthcare system.

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