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A platform for the future

This article appears in the issue May 2006, [Vol 15, Issue 5]

Endeca has introduced the Endeca Information Access Platform (IAP), a new offering aimed at addressing fundamental new ways people access and interact with information.

The company explains that IAP is designed to help people find, analyze and understand information in ways not possible with search engines, database and business intelligence solutions. Endeca's MDEX Engine technology powers IAP and integrates search and browsing with the analytical capabilities of business intelligence, bringing Endeca's trademark Guided Navigation user experience to new classes of applications. As a result, the company says, organizations can increase revenue, decrease costs and streamline operations by helping their customers, employees and partners answer high-value questions with ease and confidence.

The Endeca Information Access Platform aids information-based problem solving across a wide variety of business processes, including e-commerce, marketing campaign analysis, product design and parts reuse, knowledge management, customer service and more. To meet highly specific industry and application requirements, Endeca also offers a range of Market Solutions, each designed to accelerate time-to-market and maximize return on investment.

Endeca reports IAP is distinguished from other technologies in the following ways:

A patented meta-relational architecture, powered by MDEX Engine technology, delivers a fundamentally better user experience by: supporting greater flexibility and certainty in decision making; encouraging exploration and discovery by revealing relationships in data and content and presenting them as contextual refinements, expansions and other manipulations; showing the valid next steps--at every step--no matter how complex the information; and fusing the ease of search with the analytical power of business intelligence.

An information transformation layer enriches and unites disparate sources of critical information by: transforming and enriching information by uniting disparate sources while maintaining, augmenting and even creating relationships across data and content; turning implicit relationships in long-form documents, Web pages and multimedia files into explicit structure through a combination of entity extraction, rules-based and statistical classification and taxonomy generation techniques; integrating and indexing virtually any type of information (multimedia files, Web pages, text documents, relational database tables, ETL extracts, etc.) from multiple information stores (Web sites, file servers, content management repositories, enterprise applications, e.g. CRM, ERP, PLM, etc.); and offering seamless integration with service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Data-driven application components enable rapid deployment of rich, dynamic applications: simplifies creation of robust, feature-rich applications that would have previously required armies of developers and hundreds of man-hours to build; search, navigation, reporting, charting and other presentation features help app developers create and deploy dynamic Web sites and enterprise applications without the need for extensive resources; reduces maintenance and optimization as all of the key features and functionally automatically adjust to changes in the underlying data.

A Web-based management suite puts application control in the hands of business users by: empowering business managers to direct the right information to the right users at the right time; providing user-friendly tools and a simple Web-based GUI helps business managers optimize applications through the use of context-sensitive presentation rules; giving non-technical staff the ability to apply their knowledge of the business to configure presentation by session, user, location, time and more; and putting application optimization in the hands of those responsible for delivering business results, while significantly reducing demand on IT to support Endeca-powered applications.

An enterprise-class platform delivers scalability, reliability and security by: providing high-demand, high-performance enterprise and Web applications; linearly scaling across commodity hardware; and providing exceptional security by tracking user entitlements and permissions at the lowest level, ensuring sensitive content is never compromised.

For more information on the Endeca Information Access Platform and its capabilities, please visit here.

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