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Knowledge Cafe: Mentoring Morning -- New at KMWorld!

Thursday, November 5
10:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Here is your chance to participate in an interactive knowledge café where you can share your KM challenges with colleagues and KM practitioners. Each table will have a mentor who is an expert on their topic. Tables will be limited to 10, but you will have time to visit at least three different tables during the morning. You should plan on choosing tables where you have the opportunity to both GIVE and TAKE to get the most out of this fun exercise.  

Mentors and topics include:

1. Holly C. Baxter - Knowledge Capture & Transfer
2. Diane Berry, Coveo - Digital Workplace & KM
3. Madelyn Blair-  Blended Learning
4. Gloria Burke, Enterprise Strategies - Social Business Transformation
5. Nancy Dixon, Common Knowledge Associates - Adaptive Collaboration/Sensemaking
6. Stan Garfield, Deloitte - Enterprise Social Networks
7. Adrian Jooste, Deloitte - KM & Managing Change
8. Patrick Lambe, Straits Knowledge - Getting buy-in
9. Jim Lee, APQC - KM Standards
10. Darcy Lemons, APQC - Building & Sustaining Communities of Practice
11. Jean-Claude Monney, Microsoft - Enterprise of the Future
12. Art Murray, Applied Knowledge Sciences - Collaborating Strategies & Tools
13. Mike Prevou, Strategic Knowledge Solutions - Developing a Knowledge Strategy
14. Katrina Pugh, Columbia University - ROI of Knowledge Products & Services
15. Gordon Vala-Webb, Building Smarter Organizations - Critical Success Factors for KM


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