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KMWorld Awards

KMWorld magazine is proud to sponsor the 2015 KMWorld Awards, which will be presented at the KMWorld conference. These two awards are designed to celebrate the success stories of knowledge management.

The nomination period for the KM Awards has closed. Winners will be announced at KMWorld 2015.

KMReality KMPromise

In many organizations, knowledge management is just rhetoric. This award recognizes an organization in which knowledge management is a positive reality. The recipient of the KM Reality award is an organization demonstrating leadership in the implementation of knowledge management practices and processes by realizing measurable business benefits. The knowledge management program will have: 

• been in place for a minimum of one year 
• demonstrated senior management support 
• defined metrics in place to evaluate the program and its impact on organizational goals.


Many companies promise that their technology is the best knowledge management solution. One of the greatest challenges for organizations purchasing these technologies is to determine which of these companies will deliver on this promise. This award is given to the organization that is delivering this promise to its customers by providing innovative technology solutions for implementing and integrating knowledge management practices into their business processes. The award-winning organization demonstrates how it goes beyond simply delivering technology to working with clients to ensure that both the technology and knowledge processes are imbedded into the work processes. In other words, it helps organizations realize positive business results.


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