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Maximize Enterprise Productivity with
SharePoint and E-Signatures

Maximize Enterprise Productivity with
SharePoint and E-Signatures
Businesses and government rely on signatures to control and audit business decisions, reduce risk, and ensure compliance. But as long as contracts and forms are printed to paper for signing, organizations will continue to waste time and money.

E-Signatures combined with enterprise business process management and collaboration tools make it possible to create end-to-end digital workflows. Project plans, statements of work (SOW), HR forms, vendor contracts, and sales agreements are just a handful of the documents that are being e-signed by some of the largest and most security-conscious organizations in the world including the US Army, Wells Fargo, IBM and Bechtel. The result has been:
  • Increased visibility and productivity
  • Shorter approval cycle times
  • Reduced costs in storage, scanning, and mailing
  • Enhanced customer experiences
On Tuesday November 18th e-SignLive, the 20-year pioneer in e-signatures processing more than 600 million documents each year, will share how electronic signatures combined with Microsoft SharePoint can transform your organization.

Join us for this 60-minute webcast to find out:
  • The value of e-signatures
  • Why Microsoft SharePoint and e-signatures together make a winning combination
  • How to set up, send and track documents for e-signature - featuring a live demonstration
  • The legal and security requirements you need to know
  • How other organizations are using e-signatures in conjunction with existing systems and applications (including case study)
  • How to get started quickly and easily with NO IT resources required
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Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!
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Rahim Kaba
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Silanis Technology
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