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Business Process Management: the Heart of the Machine

Andy Moore
Jody Spencer
Director of Marketing
Snowbound Software
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One of the early promises of BPM - Business Process Management - was that simplifying the processing of documents and content would smooth the path to process improvement and greater efficiencies.

And it was just that: A promise. There's still a lot of work to do.

It stands to reason that addressing the basic element - the business document - is the first step in creating a faster, better, cheaper way to get from "A" to "Z." But over the years it has proven to be easier said than done. Business content is a tricky thing. The various formats, unusual terms and contexts, paper-to-digital conversion have all conspired to make business process improvement a difficult and thorny problem.

We'll discuss the solutions that can smooth the way to better business performance by solving the initial problem: how to make the document easier to use. Please attend the next KMWorld live on-line Web event:
Business Process Management: The Heart Of The Machine
We will deep-dive into document solutions, such as:
  • Understand how your choice of a document viewer can impact your workflow
  • Discover ways to increase your document processing and throughput
  • Learn about solutions that will ensure access and streamline processes for your remote workforce
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