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Maximizing SharePoint, Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

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The modern workplace is increasingly comprised of both local and remote office-based personnel as well as a mobile workforce and this presents new challenges for ensuring business value is obtained from enterprise content... from IT, governance and security groups that control the content; to the business process owners, customers and partners who create, share and consume it. Microsoft's SharePoint platform can play a key role, and represents both a huge opportunity and challenge for organizations.

Organizations must re-evaluate their SharePoint strategies from a range of viewpoints: Business leaders want to know, "How will this help me be more effective?" Corporate executives want to know, "What's the value proposition?" IT professionals continue to provide compliance, security and infrastructure while considering, "How do I implement solutions for the greater corporate good?"

There are clear, diverging, philosophies. There will always be a "risk versus reward" evaluation that must be made before getting down to tactics. This is what we'll be discussing in this special one-hour live KMWorld Web event.
Join us and you will learn:
  • The balance of policy versus technology in today's active and distributed workplace.
  • Migration and content consolidation to SharePoint... What are the decision factors? How to do it in the smartest way. What are the tangible benefits?
  • How to provide mobile access while at the same time meeting corporate compliance.
  • What value does SharePoint bring to the new evolving mobile workforce?
Andy Moore
Colman Murphy
Director of Product Marketing
Dr. Steve Marsh
Director, Product Marketing
Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

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