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The New Social User: How to Meet and Exceed Their Expectations

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Andy Moore
Alaaeldin El-Nattar
Vice President & Engagement Director
Rivet Logic
David Mennie
Group Product Marketing Manager
What does today's business user look like? What are their expectations? What do they expect from IT? What do they want to see on their device? Where do social media fit in? What do they want from YOU?

The social world has gotten a heck of a lot more complicated. It's not an overstatement to say that social media have utterly changed the way we live and work. Our outreach to customers, our close relationships with business partners and our internal collaboration have all been profoundly changed by the expectations brought by social-style interaction. The question is: What do we do about it?

The current best thinking is that you should tread carefully, develop a strategy and adopt that social strategy in measured, incremental steps. To learn more about creating your social strategy, join us for a special one-hour web event called:
The New Social User:
How to Meet and Exceed Their Expectations
Moderated by KMWorld publisher Andy Moore, this webinar will answer many questions you may have, such as:
  • How to better engage with employees, customers, partners, vendors and all stakeholders
  • How to get started with customer-facing social outreach efforts
  • Why the "New User" matters... as an employee and as a customer
  • How to enable social engagement both within the enterprise, and across enterprise boundaries into the cloud
  • How organizations are transforming their business through content management in a "mobile-first" way
  • Proven tools and methods for engagement across mobile, desktop and social media channels

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!


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