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Solving E-Discovery in The Huge Data Age

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For many organizations, litigation is a fact of day-to-day life. Being prepared can be a challenge, but being unprepared can be a disaster.

Mining the textual warehouses of organizations in preparation for legal challenges has become more complicated thanks (or no thanks) to the onslaught of electronically created and stored information, instant messages, mobile devices and social content.

Legal review is a different animal. E-discovery blends human review with textual analysis to find and deliver the documents that apply, with the highest level of probability, to the case at hand.

At the same time, avoiding inadvertent "leakage" of information that shouldn't be revealed is just as important. It might be one of the last remaining areas in information management where the "human element" still plays a major role in a positive outcome.

How well you manage all that can make the difference in a make-or-break legal disposition. You can learn about the best practices and logical next steps by attending this special one-hour live, interactive Web event:




Our panel of experts will guide you through:

  • How to run a computer-assisted review on big data, and significantly reduce risks and save time
  • How to use a review workflow for better quality control
  • Learn how to leverage Early Case Assessment to accelerate insight into big data cases to reduce risk and expense
  • Gain understanding of how active governance and compliance procedures increase litigation preparedness and reduce e-discovery exposure

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

Andy Moore

Andrew Sieja

David Morris
Principal Product Marketing Manager - eDiscovery


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