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The Way We Work Now

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Business is trending toward cloud, mobile and social with such force and velocity that it’s now inevitable. The challenge for business managers is to find the best way to leverage that unstoppable motion into a business advantage. And to move the business forward in an unstoppable momentum.

But face it: Knowledge workers don’t care how their information is stored, or where. They just want to know they will have access from the road, from their mobile device, from their homes… They want to know that upgrades will occur invisibly and painlessly… And they will be satisfied that the pure and simple access to information to achieve their business goals will continue to be the most important end-result. They just want it to work.

The key is to provide information access any time, anywhere. Time and place mean very little; but accomplishing things still means a lot. There has been a near-total upheaval of the work processes our fathers knew.

And change that great is messy and scary. Many businesses are apprehensive - correctly so - about how to maintain control, security, governance and work processes in such a brave and strange new world.

How do you get started? Here’s a great way. Join our special one-hour live, interactive Web event:


Learning to Converge Content, Cloud and Mobile


Our speakers understand the challenges before you, and will explain how to:

  • Create the anywhere/anytime environment business people want.
  • Balance at-your-fingertips access with governance requirements.
  • Manage the inevitable conflicts that arise among the many business stakeholders.
  • Learn how to derive value from a mobile and virtual business environment.

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

Andy Moore
Roger Bottum
Vice President of Strategy

Garth Landers
Director, Product Marketing
EMC Information Intelligence Group


David Gildeh
Director of Cloud Services


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