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KM Unplugged: Classifying the Five Types of KM Software for Service and Support

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TUESDAY, JUNE 5TH, 2012 - 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET

Knowledge management, done right, can deliver tremendous value to customer service and support. It can help agents deliver faster, more consistent, more satisfying answers. It can empower customers to resolve their own issues, cost-effectively, at scale, 24/7, through self-service. And it can provide the voice of the customer insights needed to improve products, services, and loyalty.

Yet for all the benefits, the software category is marked by confusion. KM means many different things to different people, and when the label is applied to solutions that simply don't fit the needs of service and support, it can cost time and money.

We'll present five different categories that are used for KM, and for each category, we'll:

  • Define it.
  • Discuss the pros and cons.
  • Describe the best-matched service and support environment.
  • Give example vendors/solutions.
Andy Moore

Dave Morfas
Product Marketing Manager


Join KMWorld's Andy Moore and Consona's Dave Morfas as they clarify the many different software categories identified as "knowledge management," and help business buyers identify which might be right for them.

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