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Living Well In The Social World


You already understand the value of a socially enabled business. Now you must understand how to enhance and improve a social environment where your business will grow and prosper. And there are four key areas to consider:

  1. The many social business applications that allow your employees to interact better with one another inside your walls.
  2. The world-facing socially enabled touchpoints that create a seamless communications platform between your business and its customers, partners and suppliers.
  3. The manner in which you manage the flood of all types of content generated from social business applications and external media, and the technology needed to do it.
  4. And the many transformative effects that "social change" has on your enterprise's culture and organization.

Social software has made an eternal mark on the way we all do business. It's no longer a matter of "whether" to go social... it's about doing it right and making sure your social strategy has the greatest possible impact on your business success.

Join us in this hour-long interactive on-line roundtable.




Experienced leaders in the creation of social networks for business will share

  • The many lessons learned from recent successful social business implementations
  • The best practices for creating and profiting from a clear social strategy
  • The keys to overcoming the cultural and organizational dilemmas posed by social
  • Tips for aligning your social strategy to your overall business plans... and dreams

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

Andy Moore

Mike Vertal
President and CEO
Rivet Logic

Luis Sala
Director of Technology Alliances


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