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How To Fall In Love With SharePoint

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So you’ve “gone SharePoint.” Now what?

Admit it - it’s not as though committing to the SharePoint platform was an especially risky proposition. Easy to acquire, easy to implement, easy to use and an integrated Microsoft platform, organizations have embraced SharePoint with gusto.

But now, organizations are asking themselves: What does it really mean to “go SharePoint?” Answer: A lot. There are important questions to address: What about security? What about governance? What about integration? What about storage costs and other resources? And what about establishing a real knowledgebase once your SharePoint infrastructure is sound? These questions, and more, will be answered during this one-hour special KMWorld Roundtable Web Event.


How To Fall In Love With SharePoint
And other superb things to know
in 2012 and beyond...


SharePoint has encouraged a thriving community of software developers that can help you leverage the platform to enhance and improve your business applications. We will bring together four members of that SharePoint-developer community, each of whom has a unique perspective on how to enhance and improve your current collaboration and content management environment. Use cases... successful customer stories... best-in-world advice for enhancing and improving your SharePoint investment...

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The many considerations that must be addressed to make SharePoint your sole content and collaboration platform.
  • How to easily and securely enable internal and external collaboration from SharePoint.
  • How to deliver knowledge management quickly, simply and without programming.
  • How to use all your tiers of storage for collaboration, archiving and audit data.
Andy Moore

Stephen Cawood
SharePoint MVP and Director of Product Marketing

John Peluso
Director of Education

Tom Polivka
Director of Enterprise Sales & Business Development
Bamboo Solutions

Paula Skokowski
VP of Products and Marketing

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your
computer speakers!

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