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Best Strategies for Document and Image Management: GET CONTROL OF ALL THAT PAPER!

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Announcing a live Web broadcast:
• 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Join the country’s leading experts on document capture and image management in this fast-paced, information-rich roundtable webinar, July 20th, 2 PM ET.

Nearly every business has to confront its “paper problem.” Many businesses still rely on paper documents as the primary means of communication among customers, partners, counsel and within the company itself.

It will probably never go away entirely. But there are solutions that will help you reduce, re-direct and re-think business processes that currently rely on paper. Why? There are cost reasons. There are risk reasons. There are productivity reasons to get rid of all that paper. What are your organizations doing to reduce your dependence on paper?

That’s the subject of this one-hour special KMWorld
on-line roundtable:

Best Strategies for Document
and Image Management:

The leading thinkers in the field of document and image management will join KMWorld to discuss what YOU can do to:

  • Get control of paper at its first point of entry into your business – whether in remote offices or the mailroom
  • Make your paper-based processes run much more efficiently
  • Drive the communication and processes of your business with automated workflows
  • Use a Web-based interface to turn raw data into searchable information
  • Lower cost of ownership by leveraging existing infrastructure and open
  • Speed the delivery of paper into SharePoint and other applications
  • Increase compliance for corporate governance and industry regulations
  • Benefit from lessons learned through real-life examples

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

Andy Moore
Sean Baird
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
EMC Captiva
Luis Sala
Sr. Director, Product
Marketing & Evangelist
Martin Levesque
Director of Professional Services
Attend this live, interactive Web event to learn how to manage one of the most inefficient obstacles to your business process improvement…paper! AND benefit from the lessons learned by leading organizations who use capture IN THE BEST WAY today.

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