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New site module for Cryptzone’s Security Sheriff

Integration with Microsoft RMS Posted November 10, 2015

Investec fosters SharePoint collaboration with

Better management of documents and communications Posted November 02, 2015

PPG delivers line-of-business information with K2

Extract and deliver to the right people at the right time Posted June 25, 2015

Fixing the Mess under the Bed!

Remember when you were little and your idea of cleaning your room meant shoving everything under the bed? Thinking that you have solved all of your information management issues just by implementing SharePoint has a similar result: same mess, just better hidden. Without question, SharePoint is an essential component of your business productivity infrastructure. However, frustration in finding what you need quickly is still a common theme among users, and only grows as more content is added and more instances of the platform are developed. Since the first release of SharePoint in 2001, the platform has grown in both features and adopters. Most recently, with SharePoint 2013 and its cloud version, SharePoint Online, Microsoft introduced an updated array of features geared toward keeping organizational users up to date . . . . Posted June 02, 2015

Using a Search-First Migration Strategy to SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 includes many major improvements over previous versions, and upgrading to it can provide significant business value. There are end user-oriented improvements that lead to increased productivity and adoption, architectural and platform enhancements that improve operations and governance, and significant new workload capabilities across BI, Web content management, publishing and more. Better search has consistently been a top request of SharePoint 2010 users and has been a major focus for Microsoft . . . . Posted June 02, 2015

Addressing the challenges of metadata

Enabling insurance agents and brokers to search securely Posted May 04, 2015

Bamboo Solutions releases Workflow Conductor 4.0

Completely redesigned SharePoint offering Posted December 12, 2014

Using audio and video content to drive Web site traffic

Bridging consumer and enterprise experiences with one federated search access via the Web and via SharePoint Posted October 01, 2014

The MCC improves search for users

Achieves high level of medical care to Canadians through the evaluation of physicians Posted May 21, 2014

Don’t Enhance SharePoint
Transform It Through Metadata

SharePoint has matured over the past 13 years. What has changed? Enterprises are still affected by a volatile economy, burgeoning regulatory requirements and the overall challenge to do more with less. This is also evident in organizations' use of SharePoint. Results from a Concept Searching survey found SharePoint is no longer relegated to just a departmental solution or a collaboration platform. Enterprises today face very serious challenges in compliance, potential data breaches and the spiraling costs and frequency of eDiscovery and litigation support. . . . Posted May 15, 2014

Video content platform for Microsoft suite

RAMP offers VCP for Microsoft Business Productivity suite Posted March 04, 2014

Improved SharePoint migration with Metalogix Content Matrix 6.2

More capabilities for SharePoint administrators Posted September 16, 2013

KMWORLD Trend-Setting Products of 2013

The common thread running through all the products listed here is the unique value—and potential value—they offer the organization, its workers and their various constituencies. Posted September 01, 2013

Making SharePoint the Tip of the Arrow

"If the business says ‘go,' you go. You figure out ways to make it happen." That's Mary Leigh Mackie, director of product marketing at AvePoint. She is underscoring the current trending in the world of Microsoft's SharePoint platform, particularly (but not exclusively) as it applies to content management. Her point: If it has to work, you make it work. She is referring to the customization capabilities of the ubiquitous platform, which is currently deployed in just about every business, in one form or another, that you can shake a stick at. . . . Posted July 16, 2013

Proven Practices for Content Management

The goals of any enterprise content management (ECM) system are to connect an organization's knowledge workers, streamline its business processes, and manage and store its information. Microsoft SharePoint has taken hold as the leading content management system in today's hyper-connected and hyper-competitive business landscape as organizations look to foster information transparency and collaboration—by providing efficient capture, storage, preservation, management and delivery of content to end users.

A recent study by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) found that 53% of organizations currently utilize SharePoint for ECM.
Posted July 16, 2013

How to Synchronize SharePoint Content Everywhere

Microsoft SharePoint has become the global standard for enterprise content management. The amount of content stored and accessed through SharePoint is growing by leaps and bounds at a rate of roughly 75% every year. As the amount of content grows, so does its importance to enterprise users. Users need access to this critical information, at various times and locations.

As such, one of the challenges facing global enterprises is ensuring that SharePoint content is constantly up-to-date and synchronized for all end users. The days of a single SharePoint deployment for one office are largely extinct. Most SharePoint deployments now have multiple farms and many must provide content, in real-time. . . .
Posted July 16, 2013

The changing face of ECM

"Improved options for sharing content as well as support for mobile devices are signature characteristics of a new breed of ECM solutions that is showing rapid adoption..." Posted May 28, 2013

TEMIS launches Luxid for SharePoint 2013

Automates enrichment of columns with domain-specific metadata Posted May 28, 2013

Easy affordable SharePoint/Office 365 migration from Metalogix

Introduces Content Matrix Migration Express Posted May 15, 2013

Metalogix launches Content Matrix 6.1

Advancing SharePoint 2013 migration with improved interface and site mapping Posted March 28, 2013

SharePoint: ECM for Everyone

Microsoft SharePoint has grown so fast and has become so ubiquitous that AIIM recently suggested it had become a common noun for content management, like Kleenex for tissue and Xerox for copying.

According to AIIM surveys, SharePoint adoption rates have exceeded 65% across a variety of regions and industries, yet Forrester Research states over half of enterprises still maintain three or more ECM repositories. If SharePoint is so popular, why haven't more enterprises adopted it as their sole platform for enterprise content?

Good question. Microsoft said SharePoint 2010 was the answer. The company touted SharePoint 2010 as the "information operating system." Is it?,,,
Posted March 26, 2013

Reduce SharePoint Storage Costs With Remote BLOB Storage

We have entered the era of "big content" and there is no end in sight to the rapid growth of content. Analyst estimates have pegged the total amount of content in 2020 to blow past 40 zettabytes (ZB)—a figure that is difficult for even the most seasoned IT professional to wrap his head around. Because SharePoint has evolved into the content management platform of choice, a majority of this content will be stored, managed and organized within your SharePoint environment. When it comes to SharePoint, myriad problems arise when you deal with growing content across multiple farms in multiple physical locations. How can you effectively and efficiently manage terabytes of business content? Posted March 26, 2013

Breakthrough for managing 2GB-plus files in SharePoint

Metalogix releases new version of StoragePoint Posted March 13, 2013

Enabling Enterprise Content Management with Confidence

"Many organizations worldwide have their C-level executives sitting in the boardroom, hemming and hawing over which strategies they must adopt in order to maintain a competitive advantage. There are plenty of business needs scattered throughout the enterprise—improving business processes, fostering collaboration among knowledge workers, providing access to all company-wide information, making better business decisions faster. . . . " Posted February 26, 2013

Extending unified information access with Sinequa 8.5

Enhanced search functionality Posted February 25, 2013

SharePoint for iPhone with KnowledgeLake Capture

Mobile workflow and content management Posted February 21, 2013

SharePoint 2013 Readiness - It's the metadata, stupid!

SharePoint 2013 is coming! Act busy! Posted January 18, 2013

SharePoint 2013 governance from RSD

Releases Governance Services for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Posted January 04, 2013

Search Office 365 within SharePoint

BA Insight unveils new Longitude Connector Posted November 28, 2012

Automatic SharePoint metadata extraction from Pingar

Consistent keyword extraction Posted October 05, 2012

SharePoint RM from FileTrail

Introduces Unified Records Management Posted September 25, 2012

Kapow, CapTech partner for SharePoint migration

Higher-quality, lower-cost integration projects Posted September 21, 2012

SharePoint 2013: Is it a product or a platform?

The smart customer will look at user experience more holistically, and seek to build applications rather than simply stand up the new version and hope for the best. Posted September 01, 2012

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2012

"This marks the tenth anniversary of our Trend-Setting Products list..." Posted September 01, 2012

Is SharePoint 2013 a product or a platform?

Redmond wants to focus on individual users, with the moniker, "The new way to work together." Posted July 30, 2012

A Stroll Down SharePoint Lane

SharePoint has emerged as the most successful and ubiquitous software tool ofour lifetimes. However, it still isn't everything it needs to be. A SharePoint "ecosystem" has evolved to make sure that your SharePoint deployment is as effective and productive as it can possibly be. Can SharePoint be a risk to your company? Yes. Can SharePoint also be an incredible cost-sink for your IT department? Yes. Can SharePoint also be the greatest collaboration, content management and productivity tool on the planet? . . . Posted July 16, 2012

Enhancing The Use and Performance of SharePoint

Right now we are experiencing an explosion of digital content previously thought unimaginable, with volumes set to grow from 1.2 zettabytes in 2012 to 35 ZB by 2020.We create and consume more content than ever before, and IT teams are expected to make that content highly available to meet business needs and keep workers as productive as possible. Microsoft SharePoint, with its ease of initial deployment, ease of use, range of features and low total cost of ownership. . . . Posted July 16, 2012

Activity Streams vs. Discussion Forums

Social technology is changing how people communicate and share information both on the consumer Web and within the enterprise. In particular, activity streams (a.k.a. newsfeeds) are becoming a central focal point for users to engage in conversation and discussions. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all include activity streams and have quickly challenged traditional Internet discussion forums such as Yahoo Message Boards or Google Groups in the consumer space. . . . Posted July 16, 2012

Recommind announces Content Delivery For SharePoint

Decisiv Search-based application Posted June 20, 2012

Strongly social Web content management

DotNetNuke releases DNN 6.2 Posted May 30, 2012

Content Manager for SharePoint from Metalogix

Designed for expanding environments Posted May 08, 2012

MEDCOM chooses new information governance framework

The U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) has selected a new software solution, Concept Searching's Smart Content Framework, to support its enterprise collaboration initiative. Posted April 16, 2012

Using Governance to Manage SharePoint Adoption

Are you thinking about deploying Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in your organization? You won't have to do much research before you come across the big "G" word—governance. Just the word itself is somewhat imposing. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Closing the Records Management Loop

Microsoft SharePoint is considered one of the fastest growing enterprise applications in the market. Many organizations view SharePoint 2010 as a platform for enterprise content management and collaboration since it makes it easier. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Searching For A Better, Faster SharePoint Migration

The popularity of previous SharePoint versions led many organizations to deploy SharePoint across various business units and departments—frequently on a large scale. Many of these organizations are now attracted to the key functionality. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

Enhancing SharePoint Through Information Governance

According to Microsoft, every day for the past five years 20,000 new SharePoint users have been added. As one of the most popular departmental content management solutions, SharePoint silos are now littering the organizational landscape. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

SharePoint and PDF—It's About the Content

The best way to promote adoption and enhance technology is to improve those points where people intersect with technology. These points are not only the user interface and features, it also includes the content within it. . . . Posted March 27, 2012

SharePoint governance from AvePoint

Introduces DocAve Content Shield Posted March 21, 2012

Insight into an information tsunami

As the information tsunami rages, is SharePoint a solution to information management woes or a contributing factor to the challenges we face in managing information? KMWorld columnist Stephen Arnold talks you through it. Posted March 01, 2012

Delivering True Enterprise Content Management with SharePoint

Many organizations worldwide have their C-level executives sitting at the boardroom, hemming and hewing over which strategies they must adopt in order to maintain a competitive advantage. There are plenty of business needs. . . . Posted February 28, 2012

Managing SharePoint private clouds

Azaleos offers new services Posted February 23, 2012

New SharePoint management, governance platform

AvePoint releases DocAve 6 Posted January 18, 2012

SharePoint: Transforming the information have-nots into the haves

SharePoint allows you to move beyond storing information in file shares and e-mail and start collaborating and collecting knowledge... Posted January 01, 2012

Ektron steps up support for FAST Search for SharePoint

New options for Ektron-powered Web sites Posted December 22, 2011

Bamboo Solutions grows its SharePoint product line

Adds Time Tracking and Management Posted November 21, 2011

KM and Collaboration Roundup

Posted October 29, 2011

SharePoint: The Ultimate Game Changer

My trip up the learning curve for SharePoint is practically Sisyphean. Every time I think I've got my head wrapped around it, I find out... not quite, buster. Not the using of SharePoint—that's easy as pie. It's everything else that my former boss would have called "the surround stuff". . . . Posted October 16, 2011

The Case for "Going Native"

Recent reports suggest that taxonomy management and auto-classification is one of the top five most popular third-party add-ons for SharePoint 2010. A part of any strategic decision to standardize on SharePoint 2010 is to take full advantage of the Term Store Management Tool—Microsoft's initial building block to enable organizations to natively build taxonomy structures and facilitate the management of large amounts of content—much of which is strategic or of high value to the organization. . . . Posted October 16, 2011

Driving Capture Driven Business Processes

Today, information has two aspects: On one hand, it is the basis for most business processes and can create a decisive competitive advantage. On the other hand, the sheer volume and complexity of business information and its tendency to get lost within large organizations can put the brakes on productivity, waste resources and overtax the IT staffs deployed to support the relevant systems. So, before being overrun by information, organizations should develop. . . . Posted October 16, 2011

SharePoint 2010—From Team Tool to ECM Solution

SharePoint (SP) provides for collaboration, document management, workflow, business intelligence and more. With this range of capabilities, CIOs must determine which components to deploy and how to do so. Most critically, CIOs must decide whether SP is just a team tool or part of a larger enterprise content management (ECM) strategy with the implications of cross-organization findability, policy compliance and governance. . . . Posted October 16, 2011

Vizit adds search and social features to SharePoint

Also unveils new SharePoint API Posted September 07, 2011

SharePoint governance: Is semantic technology the answer?

What is evident to me is that SharePoint and governance are the digital equivalent of peanut butter and jelly or any other pair welded into one's consciousness... Posted September 01, 2011

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2011

Posted September 01, 2011

Managing Office 365 and SharePoint permissions

Agentless offering simplifies administration Posted August 10, 2011

Securing documents in the WikiLeaks era

"A firewall isn't enough. Data loss prevention isn't enough. You need enterprise rights management on top of that..." Posted May 28, 2011

Social Software Roundup

Here's a sampling of the hottest new category of technology vendors-social media, social networking, social business tools ... Call it what you will, it's changing the way you will do business... Posted May 28, 2011

Managing SharePoint content

Information Manager from MetaVis Posted May 25, 2011

Getting a fix on SharePoint governance

Axceler updates its administration product Posted April 11, 2011

The SharePoint Phenom
Exploring the Services Platform of the Century

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you straight up that what I know about SharePoint could fall through a Cheerio without touching the sides. Luckily for all of us, I have a pretty good Rolodex. So I called up four of the best advisors a boy could have. . . . Posted March 15, 2011

SharePoint Adoption Trends and Takeaways

Microsoft SharePoint Server is becoming the platform of choice for organizations to store and access content across the enterprise, to enable collaboration, to optimize business processes and to deliver line-of-business applications. The list of SharePoint capabilities and functionality is mind-boggling. . . . Posted March 15, 2011

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Having overseen the implementation of SharePoint at hundreds of enterprises, both government and commercial, there is one question nearly every new customer planning an "Enterprise 2.0" (E2.0) implementation wants answered: "If I roll this out, how do I make sure people use it?" It's a perfectly reasonable question. . . . Posted March 15, 2011

How To Get SharePoint Buy-In
Search and Architecture, Not Just Pretty Design

One of the most important aspects of SharePoint success (or really any website/portal) is to make sure people find what they need, when they need it. A beautiful looking sitewithout a properly configured search solution and intuitive navigation interface is the same as having a great looking car with no engine. . . . Posted March 15, 2011

Having SharePoint and Records Management, Too

Conventional wisdom says that collaboration and records management exist at polar opposites of the enterprise management spectrum. On the side of collaboration are systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, which allow enterprises to create and manage content in a freeform way. . . . Posted March 15, 2011

Your SharePoint Investment
Seven Ways to Get Payback

SharePoint administrators in large enterprises face major challenges these days. For starters, employees are busier than ever. In some large enterprises, there are thousands of users with publishing rights. Many of these individuals have little time and even less interest in manually meta-tagging documents. . . . Posted March 15, 2011

SharePoint and E-Discovery
Hand-in-Hand or Out-of-Hand

The growth of SharePoint within enterprises over the last few years has been remarkable. It is the fastest growing server in Microsoft history with more than a 100 million licenses sold, and thousands more being reportedly sold every week. And if the Association for Information and Image Management. . . . Posted March 15, 2011

Migrate or Integrate?
Search Accelerates SharePoint 2010 Roll-out

There's an old adage in IT that "nothing ever goes away." Retiring legacy systems is a painful, often expensive process. Every system has some useful information in it, but it's hard to distinguish jewels from junk. . . . Posted March 15, 2011

Delivering True ECM with SharePoint

Many organizations worldwide have their C-level executives sitting at the boardroom, hemming and hawing over which strategies they must adopt in order to maintain a competitive advantage. . . . Posted February 15, 2011

Planning for SharePoint Content
2011—The Year for 2010?

Last year Microsoft released the latest version of SharePoint with much fanfare about the product's feature set and capabilities—including improvements in its core ECM functionality. . . . Posted February 15, 2011

SharePoint 2010 ECM governance

Posted February 01, 2011

Enhanced document viewing and interaction

Informative Graphics releases Brava 7 for SharePoint 2010 Posted November 29, 2010

Ubiquitous SharePoint

Posted October 29, 2010

Extending SharePoint metadata

Classify content directly from SharePoint Posted October 11, 2010

What Makes You Rich Can Make You Poor
How SharePoint Has Become The Best and the Worst Thing Ever

There's a great Ry Cooder song: "The Very Thing That Makes You Rich, Makes Me Poor."1 That should be on the iPod of every IT guy who is coping with SharePoint right now. Because SharePoint has turned into the biggest "the good news is… the bad news is…" story of the decade. . . Posted September 16, 2010

Microsoft SharePoint and Content Aggregation
Share More Than Just Desktop Documents

Since its inception in 2001, SharePoint has been on an amazing, and sometimes painful, journey. The first release offered a loosely connected solution—SharePoint Portal Server and SharePoint Team Services 2001. In 2003, Microsoft made two big decisions to increase SharePoint adoption. . . . Posted September 16, 2010

It’s Time for ECM to Evolve

With the RTM ("release to manufacturing") of SharePoint 2010, I feel comfortable proclaiming that the days of traditional ECM vendors (i.e. FileNet, Open Text and Documentum) are numbered. The picture of a bunch of dinosaurs looking up to the sky as a big fiery ball bears down on them. . . Posted September 16, 2010

Optimize SharePoint Storage
Ensure Governance, Performance and Scalability

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, the latest release of Microsoft's best-selling server product, is poised to revolutionize how organizations worldwide connect their people, processes and information. Its release marks SharePoint's evolution from a server application into a full-fledged platform. . . Posted September 16, 2010

A Safer Journey to Social SharePoint 2010

My kids love The Oregon Trail computer game. It's a simulation of pioneers traveling west across the US. Watching them play, it struck me that there were some parallels between the challenges faced by those settlers and a company heading down the trail of enterprise social computing. . . . Posted September 16, 2010

Managing SharePoint

Open Text's full-service offering Posted September 08, 2010

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2010

Just as in the past, assembling the Trend-Setting Products list is a collaborative effort with colleagues, market and technology analysts, KM theoreticians and practitioners, customers and a select few savvy users in a variety of disciplines... Posted September 01, 2010

Help for small, midsize law firms

Accola introduces North America to DMS4Legal Posted July 28, 2010

SharePoint|The Reality Series 4: Benchmarks for success

"I need to make sure our folks are productive every day. It's more guerilla SharePoint than the ivory tower"... Posted July 03, 2010

ConceptClassifier for SharePoint 2010

Native Microsoft Term Store integration Posted June 30, 2010

Social Software Roundup

Here's a sampling of the hottest new category of technology vendors—social media, social networking, social business tools … social networking means NEW business... Posted May 28, 2010

Robust BPM for SharePoint

Global 360 extends and enhances Posted May 05, 2010

Records management: a journey, not a task

Automating records management offers greater accuracy, lower costs and consistent application of rules, but the complex nature of the endeavor means that records management is a journey, not a task... Posted April 30, 2010

Business process modeling and analysis

Global 360 introduces analystView 3.0 Posted March 22, 2010

View From The Top: AvePoint

Posted March 01, 2010

Managing SharePoint

Ensim adds to Unify Enterprise suite Posted February 22, 2010

What’s all the hype about?

SharePoint 2010: It's worth looking at SharePoint 2010, what it promises and why so much buzz is being generated. Posted January 01, 2010

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