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Breaking News Inside KMWorld
  • Why the Digital Employee Experience Matters (Video)
    Step Two principal consultant Rebecca Rodgers defines the digital employee experience (DEX) as a lesser-known and undervalued cousin to the user/customer experience model and explains why it matters in this clip from KMWorld 2018.
KM In Practice The Future of the Future ViewPoints
Quote of the Week
There could be no honor in a sure success, but much might be wrested from a sure defeat. — T. E. Lawrence
  Breaking News

Automation Anywhere makes key acquisition

Maximizes collaboration between humans and bots to drive a higher level of employee productivity and improved CX

Automation Anywhere, provider of a robotic process automation (RPA) platform, has acquired Klevops, a privately-held company based in Paris.

With the acquisition, Automation Anywhere says it is advancing the RPA category to...

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Improving insight into key ServiceNow workflows

Alliance between Attivio and GlideFast Consulting will enable more engaging employee and customer experiences

Attivio, provider of AI-powered answers and insights, and developer of Elevate for ServiceNow, have formed a partnership with GlideFast Consulting, a consulting and professional services firm recognized by ServiceNow as a...

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Adobe updates open platform for customer experience management 

Experience Platform Query Service and Data Science Workspace are now live

Adobe has launched two updates to Adobe Experience Platform, which became generally available in March.

The additions to the platform were announced by Monica Lay, group product marketing manager for Adobe Experience Platform,...

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  Inside KMWorld

Why the Digital Employee Experience Matters (Video)

Step Two principal consultant Rebecca Rodgers defines the digital employee experience (DEX) as a lesser-known and undervalued cousin to the user/customer experience model and explains why it matters in this clip from KMWorld 2018.

Most organizations understand customer experience and a great deal of money has been poured into understanding customers, and what they want. But, finally, organizations are now realizing that it is not...

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  KM In Practice

Swiss Re Group chooses Expert System

Insurer powers knowledge-intensive processes with AI-driven approach 

The Swiss Re Group is one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance, insurance, and other forms of insurance-based risk transfer. It anticipates and manages risk—from natural catastrophes to climate change,...

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  The Future of the Future

The convergence of convergence

The more systems and subsystems we attempt to stitch together, the greater the unpredictability.

When people hear the word “convergence,” they usually think of the harmonious blending of two or more technologies. A good example is the mobile phone, which has evolved to the point...

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Preparing for the third wave of innovation with intelligent automation

Creating an intelligent digital workforce through automation

From a technology modernization perspective, the digital transformation story is a straightforward but challenging one[1]—and growing in complexity with each passing day.

Fifty-three percent of organizations believe they are “living on...

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Best Practices for Intelligent Search
Sinequa provides an AI-powered search & analytics platform that enables organizations to become information-driven. This means having actionable information presented in context to surface insights, inform decisions, and elevate productivity, consistently and reliably. Our platform consists of packaged technology that allows this to happen quickly and without sacrificing context or quality as typically happens with "lossy" approaches involving data migration.

To read more of this Best Practices in Intelligent Search White Paper article, Click Here.
KMWorld Web Events
Coming September 10, 2019
The New World of Document Management
From its humble start in the filing cabinet, document management has evolved to revolutionize the way people do business with anytime/anywhere access via the cloud, easy collaboration and retention policy features, automated workflows and mobile-friendly development.

Coming September 17, 2019
Powering Your Organization with Smart Collaboration
Smart collaboration is not optional in today's organizations. Information is only valuable when it can easily be shared and communicated among others. The degree to which you can apply tools and policies that enhance knowledge sharing and collaboration will ultimately determine how successful your organization can be.

Coming October 01, 2019
Game-Changing Breakthroughs in Knowledge Management
A renewed enthusiasm about knowledge management is evident, particularly in the digital workplace. Discovering the value in corporate knowledge is amplified by new technologies, such as text analytics, cognitive search, machine learning, natural language processing, mobile email management, and new policy efforts.

Coming October 24, 2019
Enterprise Digital Transformation Survey Results: Key Priorities, Readiness & Technologies Considered
Discover the key trends in digital transformation that you can put into practice. Find out how enterprises are approaching their DX projects regarding the prioritization, selection, use and location of technologies needed to support these projects, and where cognitive automation fits within these plans.

Coming November 12, 2019
Fast Insights through Machine Learning & Analytics
Machine learning is on the rise at businesses hungry for greater automation and intelligence with use cases spreading across industries. At the same time, most projects are still in their early phases. Machine learning is still the new kid on the block. From identifying use cases, to selecting data sets and tools, there are many success factors to keep in mind.

Coming December 10, 2019
The Future of Enterprise Content Management
Good content management splays a pivotal role in an organization's ability to manage input and output of information, and can make the difference in whether the company understands its content value, or whether it's lost in the weeds. We will opt for the former, and find ways to help organizations reconstruct their ECM programs so that information does not go wasted.

KMWorld White Paper Series

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Best Practices Report: AI and Cognitive Computing

The following key areas being covered:

· Data Mining · Text Analytics · Natural Language Processing
· Machine Learning · Deep Learning · Insight Engines
· Internet of Things

If you specialize in any of these segments and are looking for a great tool to support not only your thought leadership initiatives but your lead generation efforts as well, this report is just for you!

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