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E-mail Management

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NewsGator offers new platform Posted June 14, 2006

Mindjet extends visual mapping Posted June 12, 2006

All-cash deal worth $465 million Posted June 07, 2006

PensEra enhances TimeKM mobile Posted May 01, 2006

Zenprise offers service management software Posted May 01, 2006

The first part of this article, which appeared in KMWorld last month, described how such trends as growing e-mail volumes and increased regulatory and legal pressures have transformed the e-mail management marketplace from niche to core component in organizations today. This month we’ll review additional leading players in the booming marketplace. Posted May 01, 2006

Posted April 19, 2006

E-mail management (EMM) is hot. Growing e-mail volumes, increased regulatory and legal pressures and concerns about electronic records make managing e-mail a top priority for many organizations. And with a dynamic, healthy marketplace exhibiting a flurry of new entrants and consolidations, the competition is fierce in the e-mail management and archiving marketplace. Posted March 27, 2006

Operates as independent entity Posted March 23, 2006

Zenprise rolls out new Exchange solution Posted February 27, 2006

Thanks to a little thing known as regulatory compliance, the email management industry has made measurable strides in recent years. And while the industry has yet to develop a magic pill to cure the world’s email woes, . . . Posted February 01, 2006

Every organization is watching their email storage grow at an exponential rate. As email and electronic communications change the way organizations do business, IT groups have to deal with masses of emails. . . . Posted February 01, 2006

Almost every corporation in the world today has an email problem&8212;high operational and financial costs associated with managing emails and instant messaging (IM). These problems are only expected to get worse. . . . Posted February 01, 2006

When the first email was sent in 1971, what started as a way to send files to network printers has become the definitive communication tool of our generation. Today, email is everywhere, with estimates of more than 650 million users worldwide sending 35 billion emails every day. . . . Posted February 01, 2006

Email has gone from being a “nice to have” to being the one application that is shared and demanded from the warehouse to the executive boardroom. Regardless of your job responsibilities, you most likely have an interest and dependence on email. . . . Posted February 01, 2006

I remember the thrill of turning on my computer in the morning and checking to see if I had received any email. For most of us, those early days were exciting and fun, as we discovered a new tool to stay in touch with family and friends, . . . Posted February 01, 2006

From the Sarbanes-Oxley and USA PATRIOT Acts to EPA regulations, government is increasingly legislating how companies run their businesses. . . . . Posted February 01, 2006

Email has not only evolved into a primary form of business communication, but also has become a primary weapon in a prosecutor’s arsenal. A 2004 survey of 840 US companies, co-sponsored by the ePolicy Institute, found that 21% of respondents had had their employee email and instant messaging subpoenaed. . . . Posted February 01, 2006

Issues such as email storage and disk space usage, email integration into data repositories and comprehensive information search and retrieval, as well as more general discussions about how email should be interpreted, used and processed, . . . Posted February 01, 2006

The popular business drivers for email management have centered on the “you gotta, you'd better, or else" justification. If the volume of email isn’t a compelling enough reason to focus on the problem, the compliance age is compelling organizations to seek solutions sooner rather than later. . . . Posted February 01, 2006

“The only things that are certain are death, taxes and that some guy from Nigeria wants to put $10 Million US into your bank account. And if you're smart enough, you can skip the taxes part. . . . Posted February 01, 2006

A brand new Posted November 17, 2005

Inxight partners with Kapow Posted November 16, 2005

Interwoven launches new MetaTagger Posted November 01, 2005

Posted October 01, 2005

Posted September 01, 2005

Posted September 01, 2005

Posted April 01, 2005

Version 7.5 from Stellent Posted March 01, 2005

Posted March 01, 2005

Posted March 01, 2005

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