KMWorld 2010

The knowledge of how to do something smoothly and efficiently, know how, or technical skill or expertise, is what drives any enterprise, government department, or organization. Building knowledge bases, sharing them in effective and useable ways, using them for decision-making and innovation are all topics for discussion at KMWorld 2010. The conference theme, KnowHow: The Knowledge Driven Enterprise puts an emphasis on “how to” achieve an knowledge driven and successful enterprise. Experienced knowledge, content, search, and intranet experts not only provide practical, hands-on information, case studies, and instruction that allow you to maximize the value of your technological investments but also share creative ideas for dealing with knowledge, intellect, talent and human capital in open diverse, transparent organizations.

KMWorld 2010 provides you with all the essential pieces of the information engine that powers your enterprise—including knowledge creation, publishing, sharing, finding, mining, reuse and more, which work together to enable business problem-solving, innovation, and achievement. Position your organization and its knowledge ecology for success by attending KMWorld 2010, where you network with experts and peers all working to make the most out of their knowledge assets. Gain insights for maximizing your human capital and building a knowledge driven organization. Learn how knowledge processes and practices impact information flows, decision-making, and provide competitive advantages. Understand the underlying technologies that support these processes and practices and take home “knowhow”, usable tools, techniques, and solutions that you can put to work in your organization.

Conference Chairs

Jane Dysart
Jane Dysart
Dysart & Jones Associates
Hugh McKellar
Hugh McKellar
Editor, KMWorld magazine

The 14th annual KMWorld Conference will be held on November 16 – 18, 2010 at the Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel, in Washington DC.

KMWorld 2010 offers a wide-ranging program especially focused to meet the needs of executives and strategic business and technology decision makers. This is a must-attend for those concerned with improving their organization’s bottom line, business processes and productivity, as well as streamlining operations and accelerating development and innovation in their evolving enterprises.

Our thought-provoking speakers and experienced practitioners talk about leading strategies, practices, processes, tools and innovation. In our interactive sessions and networking forums the emphasis is on the practical — tips and techniques, hands-on advice, and real-world experience.

By co-locating with Enterprise Search Summit Fall, Taxonomy Boot Camp and Sharepoint Symposium , KMWorld 2010 provides attendees with all the essential pieces of the information engine that powers today’s effective enterprise— including knowledge creation, publishing, sharing, finding, mining, reuse, and more. Well implemented and managed, these work together to enable business problem-solving, innovation, and achievement.

A Platinum Pass includes access to ALL KMWorld 2010, Enterprise Search Summit Fall and Sharepoint Symposium conference sessions AND two half-day pre-conference workshops OR Taxonomy Boot Camp. Session times are aligned across all programming and are in close proximity, enabling Platinum Pass holders to derive maximum value—and networking opportunities—as attendees gather together for three stellar keynotes, welcome receptions, lunch and coffee breaks, and more.

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