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Creating A Great Customer Experience: People + Process + Technology

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There are two key components to providing a satisfying customer experience: One, knowing what the customer wants; and two, knowing how to provide that. Sounds simple, right?

Not always. Creating satisfying customer experiences at a reasonable cost is difficult. You’re going to need a few things: A reliable methodology; a focus on people; and the correct technology.

The gap between your corporate knowledgebase and the intimacy of a customer interaction can be awesomely large. But there are bridges. Knowledge-Centered Support and personalizing the support experience can provide a method to bridge the gap. Focusing on your employees, and their roles is also critical. And finally, technology solutions can provide immaculate customer support, 24/7, across multiple channels.

The trick is learning how to use them, and apply them. Learn how it all comes together at this one-hour live webinar called:


Creating A Great Customer Experience:
People + Process + Technology

In this session you'll...
  • Learn how to choose the right people and identify KM superstars
  • Learn to deliver knowledge to the right person at the right time
  • Learn about the latest tools and techniques to personalize the support experience
  • Hear the latest thinking in multi-channel knowledge management
  • Learn how automated customer service tools such as IVR can provide great service, 24/7

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

Andy Moore
Kelly Koelliker
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Duane George
Director, Knova Product Management
Richard Simons
Creative Virtual USA

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