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The Power of Social


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Andy Moore

Marc O'Brien
VP & General Manager: Social Business Software


Mike Vertal
President and CEO
Rivet Logic


Andrew Dixon
VP of Marketing
& Operations
IGLOO Software


The executive level - finally - gets it. Long burdened with the misconception that "social equals just fooling around on Facebook," these days savvy business leaders understand that social content, when correctly leveraged, can be used to improve productivity and build customer loyalty.

In fact, social interaction with customers has become the primary channel for understanding what they think about us and what they're saying about us. For many key decision makers, the social feedback loop is the most important and honest metric they have to judge their performance - good and bad. And because of that, there is an urgency in the air.

But implementing social tools without a firm understanding - up front - of the business strategy has often proven to be a bust. There are plenty of war stories about companies that implemented social tools before they knew exactly...why. What are we trying to accomplish? What information do we expect to derive? How will we know when we've done it right?

And that's just part of the challenge. Identifying the best social tools to put in place, and implementing them correctly from a technological perspective, is a new skill for most business leaders, and for their technical partners, too.

Social business tools are here. But they present new problems, and require new answers. This special one-hour presentation will help discover how this translates to your business. "The Power of Social" will address those issues, as well as:

  • What are the key decision factors in selecting a social software platform?
  • Why are open source and SaaS social business tools gaining traction?
  • How are smart enterprises--large and small--using social software to engage customers, business partners and employees as well?

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!


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