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Tuesday, July 02, 2019
KMWorld Promise And Reality Awards

KMWorld magazine is proud to sponsor the 2019 KMWorld Awards, which are designed to celebrate the success stories of knowledge management. The KM Promise and KM Reality Awards will be presented at the KMWorld 2019 conference on November 7.

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  Breaking News

Tethr and Red Box partner to improve Voice of Customer analytics

Red Box enables Tethr to increase its breadth of capture capability and leverage high quality audio within its platform

Tethr, provider of an AI-powered conversational intelligence platform for listening enterprises, and Red Box, provider of a platform for voice, have formed a strategic partnership to help customers capture and gain business...

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UJET enhances customer support platform

New integrations and functionality optimize data flow and help drive greater value from more technologies and systems

UJET, a provider of multichannel customer support solutions that leverage smartphone technology and intelligent automation, has introduced enhancements to the UJET Customer Support Platform.

With these latest integrations and enhancements, UJET says, it...

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Amplexor and Xillio partner to support digital transformation

This partnership aims to evolve the future of content services

Amplexor, a provider of global content intelligence solutions, is forming a premier partnership with Xillio to enable customers’ content transformation strategies.

The strategic partnership prioritizes content continuity and time-to-market, supports digital transformation,...

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  Inside KMWorld

How to search Facebook

In-depth searching of Facebook isn't necessarily easy, but it can be well worth the effort.

Searching social media for people and for what people have posted, "liked," etc., is now a critical task for a broad range of researchers, including journalists, police, private investigators, human resource...

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How NLP and Machine Learning Work Hand-in-Hand (Video)

SAS storyteller Tuba Islam highlights three key approaches to automation and machine learning in this clip from her presentation at Text Analytics Forum 2018.

In a presentation at Text Analytics Forum 2018, co-located with KMWorld, SAS storyteller Tuba Islam highlighted three key approaches to automation and machine learning. 

Since the 1980s, machine learning has become more...

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Healthcare: The importance of making connections

Only a minority of healthcare companies have a solution for using unstructured clinical information contained in electronic health records, although a majority of companies are either implementing one or exploring their options for doing so.

News of a cancer diagnosis is a difficult moment, accompanied by a great deal of anxiety and many questions. Macmillan Cancer Support  is a nonprofit organization founded to help patients...

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  KM In Practice

Alberta-based law firm selects new NetDocuments document and email management cloud platform

McLeod Law provides more efficient, collaborative, and mobile access to all content with document and email management cloud platform

Alberta-based law firm McLeod Law LLP has selected NetDocuments for its document and email management platform. The firm is transitioning to the cloud-based integrated platform for document and email management.

NetDocuments provides...

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How today’s businesses benefit from intelligent automation

While at first they may be apprehensive thinking that new technology could "take my job," employees discover that automation is not meant to replace them but to serve them by performing tedious, time-consuming tasks

No matter what industry you’re in, a constant business goal is to remain a step ahead of the competition. But what does that really mean? How can business owners quantify that...

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Four Tips for Evaluating Search Tools
The word "intelligent" is used so often in describing KM applications, it can be challenging to evaluate search tools to determine whether they are best for a particular set of needs.

To read more of this Best Practices in Intelligent Search White Paper article, Click Here.
KMWorld Web Events
Coming July 30, 2019
The New World of Intelligent Content Services
As digital information continues to grow at a staggering pace, a new generation of content services are revolutionizing how businesses approach ECM. Today's organizations are teeming with diverse types of content and different types of users, use cases and requirements. Through automation, integration and AI, content services are building upon the foundation of ECM systems to facilitate better information access, sharing and collaboration.

Coming August 13, 2019
The New World of Document Management
From its humble start in the filing cabinet, document management has evolved to revolutionize the way people do business with anytime/anywhere access via the cloud, easy collaboration and retention policy features, automated workflows and mobile-friendly development.

Coming September 17, 2019
Powering Your Organization with Smart Collaboration
Smart collaboration is not optional in today's organizations. Information is only valuable when it can easily be shared and communicated among others. The degree to which you can apply tools and policies that enhance knowledge sharing and collaboration will ultimately determine how successful your organization can be.

Coming October 01, 2019
Game-Changing Breakthroughs in Knowledge Management
A renewed enthusiasm about knowledge management is evident, particularly in the digital workplace. Discovering the value in corporate knowledge is amplified by new technologies, such as text analytics, cognitive search, machine learning, natural language processing, mobile email management, and new policy efforts.

Coming October 24, 2019
Enterprise Digital Transformation Survey Results: Key Priorities, Readiness & Technologies Considered
Discover the key trends in digital transformation that you can put into practice. Find out how enterprises are approaching their DX projects regarding the prioritization, selection, use and location of technologies needed to support these projects, and where cognitive automation fits within these plans.

Coming November 12, 2019
Fast Insights through Machine Learning & Analytics
Machine learning is on the rise at businesses hungry for greater automation and intelligence with use cases spreading across industries. At the same time, most projects are still in their early phases. Machine learning is still the new kid on the block. From identifying use cases, to selecting data sets and tools, there are many success factors to keep in mind.

Coming December 10, 2019
The Future of Enterprise Content Management
Good content management splays a pivotal role in an organization's ability to manage input and output of information, and can make the difference in whether the company understands its content value, or whether it's lost in the weeds. We will opt for the former, and find ways to help organizations reconstruct their ECM programs so that information does not go wasted.

KMWorld White Paper Series

***Coming in September/October issue ***
Best Practices Report on Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

From email messages and word documents, to social media posts and log files, the size and variety of unstructured data stored by today’s organizations is immense and growing daily.

Gaining insights from all of this data is a must-have for any business interested in competing on analytics. Whether you’re optimizing semantic search, building a Chatbot, fighting fraud, offering real-time recommendations or conducting sentiment analysis, you need to be able to effectively analyze unstructured data. That is where natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics come into play.

Key focus areas will include:

• Artificial Intelligence • Data Mining • Data Visualization
• Deep Learning • Machine Learning • Semantic Search

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