Capstone Event

Social Discovery of Knowledge Management
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Dave Snowden, Founder & Chief Scientist, The Cynefin Company, UK

True innovation comes from taking a radically new perspective on a problem and breaking the patterns of past thinking. This year, world renowned pioneer in applying complex adaptive systems theory to a range of social issues—Dave Snowden— puts his cutting-edge research to work for KMWorld attendees.

Start early to make the most of your investment in KMWorld 2009: Join the conference community online in September as we build a narrative database—of stories and experiences—in which attendees share issues, problems, opportunities, and ideas about knowledge management in its broadest sense. The database will be up and available throughout the conference to receive reflections from the delegates on the various events and will include feedback on the summary data achieved during the preceding months.

In parallel, a small group of naive experts will work on the issues and problems drawing on the natural sciences (chemistry, physics, biology) as well as aspects of the humanities (such as anthropology) to take a radically new perspective. Those involved have been selected for their deep knowledge of their subject and their lack of knowledge of knowledge management.

All of this material will be integrated in the final KMWorld 2009 capstone workshop, which will be highly participative in nature. Snowden’s team has leveraged this approach to produce many new and innovative methods for knowledge exchange such as the rapid sharing of knowledge between doctors and nurses in operating theaters, the knowledge transfer across generations in a bank, and more.

Following KMWorld 2009, the narrative database will be kept open to allow subsequent generations of learning, reflection on the event itself, and sharing of experiments and their results. All methods arising from the workshop will be documented by Cognitive Edge and made available as open source methods for the wider community. Positioned within a flow of learning both before and after the KMWorld 2009, this new capstone event will ensure that  your organization gains added value from your participation.

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