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Holly Pendleton

Organization Effectiveness Consultant and Spreader of Ideas
Independent Consultant

Picture of Holly PendletonHolly Pendleton combines her strengths, passions, education, and experience to help organizations and teams be most effective and to have an impact through consulting, facilitation, and coaching.  Starting her professional career in a community-based non-profit, Holly then worked as an internal consultant for nearly 15 years in several industries within the fields of Organization Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Knowledge Management, Learning Effectiveness, and Performance Improvement.

In recent years, Holly began to sense an obligation to both understand and put to use her talents, abilities, and strengths.   As an “ideator” Holly began to identify some specific passions to connect and cultivate into ideas worth spreading.  This passion translated into the general study of how ideas spread virally and how learnings from this study can impact organizations and the common good.  Join Holly for an engaging discussion backed by passion and filled with learnings you can use with your organization and clients.

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