Richard Marrs

Managing Director
The Warren Company

Prior to joining The Warren Company, for five years Richard was a co-founder and Vice President of Halifax-based Coemergence, Inc. - the company develops advanced software applications for professionals who find, analyze and act on new business opportunities. Richard has over 35 years of experience in international business, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and partnerships, knowledge management, scenario planning and collaborative work practices. He was Director of Corporate Development at Magma Copper and later at BHP as VP of New Business Development. While at BHP, Richard laid the groundwork for a knowledge management function within the company. He later served as president of knOwhere Inc., a Silicon Valley-based consultancy specializing in collaborative work processes and creative problem solving. Richard holds a BA in Psychology from the University of South Alabama in Mobile and an MBA from the University of Phoenix in Tucson, Arizona. From 1986 to 1990, Richard served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Phoenix. He has traveled extensively in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Canada.

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