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Michael J. Mahon

Director, Corporate Development
Business Development Bank of Canada

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I work in the Strategy & Enterprise Risk Management Group at BDC's Montreal Head Office. The group acts as a high level strategic 'think tank' and corporate project office within the Bank, "connecting the dots" by doing broad scanning and providing thought leadership on the events, activities and trends that affect BDC’s mandate and ability to deliver services to entrepreneurs, as well as providing guidance/support key strategic initiatives. Overall, the Group manages and guides the strategic planning process for the Bank.

As Director, Corporate Development I work with BDC's leadership on the development of corporate strategy related to a number of very diverse areas, including private equity, risk capital and venture capital (VC), innovation and commercialization, industry specialization, and knowledge management (KM). 

In addition to managing the Bank's Research & Information Centre, I am responsible for the development and implementation of a Bank-wide KM Strategy & Framework. For the last 3 years, my KM work has revolved around the development of a formal KM strategy & framework for BDC, as well as the implementation of communities of practice (CoPs) to support corporate and business unit strategies. I also work on the development of BDC’s corporate strategy related to growth and innovation financing, including private equity/risk capital/VC.

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