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Picture of Lynda MoultonLynda Moulton is principal consultant at LWM Technology Services, with an area of focus on practices and technologies that support enterprise information and knowledge asset management. Lynda currently blogs on enterprise search at Bluebill Advisors [], and researches and writes on knowledge management and information technologies. In 2008 she wrote the Gilbane report: Enterprise Search Markets and Applications; Capitalizing on Emerging Demand and was the principal writer of a 2010 study, Semantic Software Technologies; Landscape of High Value Applications for the Enterprise. Lynda is a leader in the Boston KM Forum, and recently taught "Organizing and Accessing Information and Knowledge: Practice and Methods" for Columbia University's Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Strategy program.  She is co-authoring a book on practical KM with Larry Chait for publication in early 2014. You can find links to past publications and presentations at

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