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Leland Holmquest

Change Management Lead and Architect

Picture of Leland HolmquestLeland Holmquest, or ‘Doc' as friends know him, has been a knowledge management professional since 2007. He has implemented knowledge management solutions for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and Microsoft. Currently, he is responsible for leading global change management projects internal to Microsoft.

Leland became Doc by completing a Doctor of Business Administration specializing in Industrial Organizational Psychology from NorthCentral University. His research began by testing the applicability of psychology-based theories to the practice of knowledge management. Wanting to drive the value of knowledge management efforts to new levels, Doc continues to explore what motivates organizations and individuals to exemplify the best practices of knowledge management and collaboration.

Having started his career as a Nuclear Reactor Operator on submarines, his unique background gets reflected in his presentations. Three months under the North Pole can give a person a different perspective on life. He brings that passion and energy to his work in change management, research, and knowledge management. And he recently published the chapter Motivations of Knowledge Management Practitioners: Positive Psychology and Psychological Contracts in the peer-reviewed book, "Handbook of Research on Organizational Culture Strategies for Effective Knowledge Management and Performance".

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