Jeff Horvath

VP, User Experience Strategy
Human Factors International

Dr. Jeff Horvath is Vice President of UX Strategy for Human Factors International and is currently responsible for all of HFI’s governmental and non-profit work. He has almost 15 years of usability experience that began in academia developing online educational tools for teachers. Since then, he has formed and led usability groups at various organizations, run his own business, worked at one of world’s largest consulting organizations (Accenture), and at various times has lead HFI’s central region, mid-Atlantic region, and government/non-profit sector. Jeff has worked with a wide array of organizations providing various levels of strategic consulting. Before his time with HFI, he helped startups get new product lines started, worked with various organizations on specific user-centered design (UCD) activities and projects, and helped large organizations such as American Family Insurance and Lands’ End develop core UCD competencies and led several enterprise-critical projects. Jeff has worked in several industries including education, retail, and manufacturing and has helped clients design product interfaces for many platforms including web, desktop, mobile, medical, embedded hardware, and print. Most recently, Jeff has focused considerable energy on the healthcare sector with clients such as Baxter Healthcare, St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, Express Scripts, Glaxo Smith Klein, Sentara Healthcare, and NextGen Healthcare. In February of 2010 Dr. Horvath started a Healthcare User Experience podcast series. The first installment of the series was an interview with the Mayo Clinic about usability and user-centered design of electronic health records (EHRs). Jeff’s recent focus has been on helping organizations institutionalize user experience at their organizations. These efforts have involved strategic planning, staff training and mentoring, corporate memory, standards development, methodology review & development, and executive mentoring. He’s helped such organizations as Express Scripts, Federal Aviation Administration, and the World Bank Group with these institutionalization efforts.

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