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Hadley Reynolds is Co-founder and a research Director at the Cognitive Computing Consortium, a resource for research and education on the emergence of cognitive computing as a field as well as a community of practice for professionals pursuing careers in cognitive systems. Hadley is a trusted researcher, thought leader, and advisor working with leading innovators on conceptualizing and implementing the broad range of technologies that make up cognitive computing. He is a leading analyst of the search, content management, and knowledge management industries, researching, speaking, and writing on emerging trends in these technologies and their impact on business practice.


In his 35-year career in the software industry, he has been Director, Search & Digital Marketplace Technologies at IDC, Vice President of the Centre for Search Innovation at FAST/Microsoft, and VP and Director of Research at industry analyst Delphi Group, where he led the firm's coverage of the business impacts of search and other technologies for managing unstructured information. He is a widely published author, popular speaker at industry events, and frequently quoted commentator in the digital media.



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