Dan Kirsch


Dan Kirsch, Ph.D. is a leading expert on Strategic Knowledge Management.  He helps organizations leverage knowledge assets for sustainable competitive advantage through highly effective knowledge management implementation strategy supported by knowledge management assessments, knowledge-gap analysis and organizational diagnostic performance analysis. 

Dan is the Chief Operating Officer of the Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro), is a member of its Board of Directors and is KMPro’s Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) certification instructor.  He is also the president of Hudson Associates Consulting, Inc. and the President/CEO of Strategic KM Solutions, Inc., both providers of Strategic Knowledge Management services.  He has been consulting and training in knowledge management since 1993.  Dan holds a Ph.D. in management as well as the following certifications:  Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM); Certified Knowledge Environment Engineer (CKEE)™; Certified Knowledge Leader (CKL); Certified Knowledge Management Professional (CKMP); Master Certified Knowledge Management Professional (MKMP); CKM Instructor (CKMI); Certified Innovation Manager (CIM)®; Certified Professional Consultant (CPC).  Dan has provided key notes to numerous international conferences on knowledge management and innovation, and has facilitated and been member of multiple KM expert discussion panels. 

He has been involved in DoD and Army KM since 2003, and has served on several related KM advisory panels and “think tanks.”  In addition to his corporate clients, Dan has worked extensively throughout DoD providing consulting, training and KM certification for:  Joint Chiefs of Staff; NATO; SACLANT; 23 of the DoD 4-Star commands; four major Joint commands; nine Unified Combatant Commands; five Air Force MAJCOMs; all Naval Echelon Command levels as well as 2nd/3rd/5th/6th Fleets; Air Guard HQ; National Guard HQ; Navy Reserve HQ; Army HQDA Staff; all three Army Commands (ACOM); multiple Army Service Component Commands (ASCC); several Army Direct Reporting Units (DRU); Intel Centers, Cyber Commands, Education/Training Commands and SPECOPS of all services; multiple Canadian DND commands including Canada Command.  In total he has provided certification training for more than 226 DoD agencies, commands and activities, and has qualified hundreds of Chief Knowledge Officers (CKO) and Knowledge Management Officers (KMO) within DoD.  His CKM certification training is the only KM certification training ever specified as required continuous training within the Joint community (Ref: USJFCOM “Knowledge Management Officer KMO Qualification Checklist” Section 400 Continuous Training), and is the only KM certification training referenced in the only Joint KM TTP (USJFCOM “Knowledge Management Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures”). 



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