Cecilia Rodrigues Nahas

Information Management
Emplasa S/A

 Cecilia Maria Rodrigues Nahas

- Career development since 1974, Gegan-Executive Group of the Greater São Paulo, Emplasa prior to the Company in the area of  planning with a focus on statistical information, working on monitoring, design, organization and updating of the database-system design SIPLAM Technical Information for Metropolitan Planning, an official source of data and indicators of the metropolitan region created by State Decree 10,951, 13/12/1977.

-  Development of methodology for creating territorialized Information UITS units, applied to the metropolitan areas of Campinas, Santos and San PAULO.

- Design of database socioeconomic and physical environment that integrates the spatial distribution of Information Units - UITS.

- Member of the management team EmplasaGeo

- Member of Group Management Knowledge Emplasa

- Member of the Brazilian Society of Knowledge Management


And Bachelor Degrees in Geography - completed in 1972
Catholic University of Sao Paulo - PUC

Publications Coordinated

- Summary of Data from the Greater São Paulo - 1977 to 2002 editions
- Summary of Data from the Region of Campinas-1992 editions -1995-2002-2005
- Summary Data from the Santos Metropolitan Region, 1992 edition - 1995-2002 -
- Indicators of Metropolitan Santos-editions 2003 - 2004 - 2005
- Series Inside: Inside the Metropolitan Region of Campinas
- Inside the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo editions 1996-2006
- Inside the city of Sao Paulo-2000
- Inside the Great ABC-2007
- Inside Urban Cluster Jundiaí-2008
- Emplasa: Indicators of Metropolitan RMSP-2007
- Paulista Macrometrópole-2009
- Urban-2001 Memory
- Socio-spatial patterns of the Santos Metropolitan Region-2006
- Socio-spatial patterns of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas -2006
- Socio-spatial patterns of the Greater ABC Region-2007

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