Avi Kedem

Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) for IAI
IAI- Israeli Aerospace Industries

Avi Kedem

Since 2007  IAI Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
(IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries).
My main focuses are:

  • Knowledge continuity / retention & transfer.
    Both for retiring & other leaving experts and for existing teams of experts.
  • User friendly "packaging" of know-how
  • AAR, BAR and implementation of lessons learnt
  • Portals - Performance support knowledge bases
  • Communities of Practice

    In the fields of Knowledge Continuity and Lessons Learnt,
    we are considered in Israel as a center of excellence.
For about 20 years, I was MHT Research & Development Director (MHT - Technical Publications & Training Division of IAI). As a part of  R&D activities founded the eLearning for IAI (2000-2006), a comprehensive learning system for IAI employees (16,000)

Another significant activity was the development of the concept, method and solutions for "Supporting the Human Factor Suite" - integrated solutions combining Training, Training Aids, User Friendly Manuals, Electronic Documentation,
Semi-simulators, eLearning, and EPSS.

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