Ramin Assa

Knowledge Management Manager
Booz Allen Hamilton

Ramin Assa has been delivering strategic Knowledge Management (KM) and Business Solutions to government, industry and non-profit organizations for over a decade. He focuses on people, processes, and technology, while using behavioural science and innovative tools to maximize the return on investment and to maximize the use of intellectual capital and knowledge assets. He is currently managing the knowledge and thought leadership team at Booz Allen Hamilton, developing strategies and policies in order to leverage the firm’s intellectual capital and to continue to grow KM capability offerings. He recently provided strategic leadership support (change management, learning, community engagement and search relevancy) to an award-winning and cutting-edge social networking and business platform. With a keen focus on organizational goals and results, the firm’s KM strategy has benefited from implementing an effective and relevant Search strategy and actively managing the communities engagement. The knowledge operations empowers decision making, improves efficiencies, enhances collaboration and delivers better results to clients.

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