KMWorld 2019 Conference Program

Join us for KMWorld 2019 as we explore and share how successful knowledge management can transform any organization. Our extensive program includes 4 days of programming, with pre-conference workshops on Monday, November 4, daily keynote sessions, and 9 conference tracks, including: KM Foundations for AI & BeyondDigital Workspace Transformation | KM Culture & Change on Tuesday, November 5; KM Strategies & Practices | KM Models, Frameworks, & MethodologiesDigital Transformation, Behavior Change & KM on Wednesday, November 6; and KM Evolution | KM Tools | KM Engagement: Fun & Games on Thursday, November 7.

To view the entire conference program schedule by time and day, see our Agenda page. Or, view the Final Program PDF.

To find out more about our co-located one-and-a-half day Complexity in Human Systems Symposium on Thursday, November 7 and Friday, November 8, click here.


Tuesday, Nov 5

Track A: KM Foundations for AI & Beyond

Donna Scheeder, Consultant, Library Strategies International

A101. Building Strong Foundations for Digital Success

10:45 AM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

With the “Soaring ’20s” for digital just around the corner, there is a whirlwind of new opportunities and new potential directions for companies planning for the next step in their digital maturity. Concepts like conversational commerce, product configurators, recommendation engines, and mass personalization may be new now, but they might quickly become table stakes for digitally savvy firms. But what if your firm is behind the curve? What steps can you take to prepare for digital in ways that make success more likely (and help you sidestep the costly mistakes others have made)? Hein lays out a simple, easy-to-explain set of foundational practices for those who are new to KM (or those who need to explain KM to non-experts). He covers the basics of the digital success and highlights a process to build out the assets needed to support digital strategies of all varieties, from those listed above to those that haven’t yet hit the market.


, Director, Delivery Services, Earley Information Science


A102. Building on a KM Program

11:45 AM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

What are the core programs and processes that organizations need to start a KM program? With these foundations, what additions are needed for an enhanced and fully operative KM program? Our speakers discuss their mature KM programs and how they envision areas for AI support and assistance in the coming future.


, Director of Learning Technologies & Curriculum Development, Energy Services, Nalco Champion, an Ecolab company

, Director, Internal Communications, Global, TechnipFMC, USA


A103. AI Landscape & Possibilities for KM

01:45 PM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 1:45 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

This session looks at what the term AI means, explains the various parts of it and discusses the landscape and some possibilities for knowledge sharing in organizations. Brougham covers both the disruptive as well as the support possibilities.


, Principal Consultant, Tadlon Limited and Author, The Cynefin Mini-Book


A104. Continuing Investment in KM

02:45 PM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 2:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Is your organization asking if it can still afford world-class knowledge management programs? Our practicing CKO discusses how you can make the business case for continuing to invest in KM after the intranet is built and your KM foundation is in place, when management is questioning if it can cut the level of KM investment. What do you say if your leaders ask if can you turn on automation and cut heads? Get potential approaches to making the case for continuing to invest in KM by visibly demonstrating the value your team brings to the organization, including metrics that show the value and ROI of KM, ways to get ever closer to the business—where sales and delivery of services is offered—so KM is enabling business growth, service efficiencies, and revenue generation, and ways to use cognitive and AI to improve delivery (not to cut costs).


, CKO, Deloitte Advisory

, Senior Manager, KM, CoRe Knowledge Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited


A105. AI: Virtual Agents & Content

04:15 PM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 4:15 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Kate Pugh and Sandy Serkes discuss ways we’re using AI, autoclassification, and text/document analytics to improve how we analyze and govern knowledge. They describe three case studies, relating hard-earned lessons learned about scoping, cost-justifying, and adopting these technologies. Hear about an oil and gas company exposing content that could have privacy and innovation risks after an acquisition. Hear about a retailer trying to wrangle hundreds of restaurants’ siloed employee data with contract and PII risks. Finally, hear about a content services company trying to search, synthesize and report across thousands of documents, hundreds of formats, and high-stakes corporate forensics.





, Lecturer & President, Columbia University & AlignConsulting

, President and CEO, Valora Technologies and Columbia University IKNS

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