KMWorld 2019 Conference Program

Join us for KMWorld 2019 as we explore and share how successful knowledge management can transform any organization. Our extensive program includes 4 days of programming, with pre-conference workshops on Monday, November 4, daily keynote sessions, and 9 conference tracks, including: KM Foundations for AI & BeyondDigital Workspace Transformation | KM Culture & Change on Tuesday, November 5; KM Strategies & Practices | KM Models, Frameworks, & MethodologiesDigital Transformation, Behavior Change & KM on Wednesday, November 6; and KM Evolution | KM Tools | KM Engagement: Fun & Games on Thursday, November 7.

To view the entire conference program schedule by time and day, see our Agenda page. Or, view the Final Program PDF.

To find out more about our co-located one-and-a-half day Complexity in Human Systems Symposium on Thursday, November 7 and Friday, November 8, click here.


Tuesday, Nov 5

Track B: Digital Workspace Transformation

Daniel Lee, Director, ARC Business Solutions Inc.

B101. Rating Your Digital Workplace

10:45 AM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Walk through a process for rating digital workplace and intranet projects, rate your organization across five categories, and identify the most important areas to focus on improving. Get a benchmarking guide to use to continually monitor and improve the people, processes, and technologies associated with digital engagement in your organization. Ables discusses discovering gaps in your vision, strategy, and deliverables; balancing scalability, flexibility, and usability; measuring and managing continuous innovation; and creating a collaborative approach to digital workplace transformation that gives every user a voice.


, Managing Partner, C5 Insight


B102. Digital Workspaces of the Future: Industry Insights

11:45 AM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Industry experts and sponsors share their views of the future workplaces and workspaces that knowledge workers will be using in the near future. They discuss the technologies that will support those places and spaces as well as keep the knowledge flowing effectively! Chmaj explores what's new in emerging AI technologies and tools, and how we can apply KM best practices with new knowledge automation technology to drive the best outcomes from each interaction. He discusses how a combination of forward thinking and tried and true methods are needed to evolve knowledge into these exciting interactive workspaces of the future for employees in the contact center and beyond as well as your customers. McCray illustrates how organizations benefit from new approaches that effectively bridge the gap between physical and digital, enabling them to coexist in an efficient, secure digital workspace. Block discusses how the digital workspace of the future is immersive and multidimensional, not buried in flat interfaces, hierarchical folder structures, or complicated taxonomies. She shows how the digital workspace of the future works the way our brains work, tapping into the power of visual and spatial memory.



, SVP/GM Content Management & Workflow Software Group, Xerox Corporation

, CEO, Saganworks

, Senior Director, KM Strategy, Verint


B103. Digitally Transforming to End World Hunger

01:45 PM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 1:45 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Heifer International’s mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth— no easy task! Seventy-three percent of its workforce is remote and spread internationally, so connecting a global team this size is a challenge. Igloo Software’s 2019 “State of the Digital Workplace” report found 69% of remote workers face challenges they would not encounter in an office setting. In fact, 57% miss out on important information because it is communicated in person, and more than half are excluded from meetings or brainstorming sessions because of their remote location. Heifer International’s employees speak several languages, further increasing the opportunity for communication barriers to arise. This session explores how Heifer International works to combat these information silos by leveraging its digital workplace—The Corral. With resources and content translated into English, Spanish, and French, The Corral offers employees a global platform for internal news and open conversation. Since building The Corral, Heifer International has seen an 11% increase in the consumption of its internal content. Our speakers show how it’s possible to equip remote workers with the information they need while empowering them to foster connections with colleagues around the world.


, Global Communications Senior Specialist, Heifer International


B104. Showcasing Digital Workspaces & Intranets

02:45 PM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 2:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

This is the 14th year of the Global Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards. With an awards ceremony at KMWorld for the North American winners, this session is a chance to look behind the firewall to see what they have actually achieved. Be prepared to see creative, inspirational, and valuable ideas, many of which you can apply on your own intranet or digital workplace.


, Principal Consultant & Forum Community Manager, Step Two

, Portal Product Owner, Duke Energy Corporation

, Senior Manager of Knowledge Management, Faegre Baker Daniels

, Head of Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Dept./Strategic Division, Moscow Domodedovo Airport


B105. Digital Enterprise of the Future: Automation & Generations

04:15 PM2019-11-052019-11-05

Tuesday, November 5: 4:15 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 represents the convergence of the physical world and digital economy into a collaborative digital workforce. Intelligent automation (IA) has the potential to hyper-connect the enterprise of the future. A hyper-connected enterprise is represented by an ecosystem of organizations with common objectives, collaborating enterprises, a shared economy, and distributed data and systems that is brought together through automation and made easily accessible to the workforce. Most organizations currently possess numerous systems that potentially create data silos and prevent an organization's ability to scale using conventional tools. Kofax illustrates how organizations are utilizing IA as the connective tissue to hyper-connect the enterprise and discusses why a flexible intelligent automation platform is necessary for the enterprise of the future to not only survive, but thrive. Meadors provides tips for the multigenerational workplace. She reviews what makes each generation different, discusses how to utilize their unique strengths to increase sales, expand customer service, improve marketing efforts, and build strong customer relationships - online and face-to-face. She shares how generations behave, why they do what they do, what drives them, and how to build rapport by understanding different learning styles.


, VP, Global Strategy, Kofax

, CEO, High Tech High Touch Solutions Inc.

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