Program Overview

Join us for the 28th annual KMWorld conference, “KM & Enterprise Intelligence: Human or Artificial?” and learn about knowledge sharing in action for exceptional innovation and bottom line success in any type of organization.

The human side of knowing has always been at the center of enterprise KM intelligence, programs, and strategies. As AI and other technological innovations transform the way we learn, collaborate, and innovate, people are still key to knowledge sharing and bringing opportunities to excel within enterprise processes and operations. Join colleagues, thought leaders, and practitioners as we explore advances in neuroscience and cognitive thinking, pattern recognition and visualization, new AI and technology-enhanced KM applications, and more.

This year’s KMWorld shares stories of innovative breakthroughs and learning experiences from KM practitioners as they steer their organizations into the future. It also considers how KM aligns with the CEO agenda moving forward to deal with governance and sustainability, SDGs (U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals), disruptions from many global and natural places, workforce and workplace changes, technology revolutions, and more.

KMWorld 2024 addresses the human and technology factors of collaboration and knowledge augmentation via AI, the sharing and reuse of knowledge with new tools, the human roles that are even more important than the tools, and the hybrid workplace shift in traditional organizations, with an emphasis on strategic versus operational knowledge—understanding and aligning with the big organizational or community picture, leadership skills driving knowledge adoption and reuse, especially from outside the organization such as the environmental and sustainability movement.

KMWorld features new creative knowledge sharing tools and techniques as well as human strategies that have an impact on all types of organizations and communities. Join us and take home exciting insights and ideas to apply in your environment or community.

KMWorld 2024 is organized and produced by Information Today, Inc., and features four co-located events: Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search & Discovery, Text Analytics Forum, and Enterprise AI World. Access to conference sessions is subject to registration pass selected.

Check back in mid-July for full program details!

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