Tracey Seward

Global Director of Innovation & Knowledge

Picture of Tracey SewardTracey Seward, Accenture Senior Managing Director, has served in the Business, Strategy, and Technology Consulting industry for over 25 years. Tracey began her career in the oil and gas industry, and has worked cross industry within the Strategy and Management Consulting areas for the majority of her career. She joined the Accenture Technology practice over two decades ago, working on large scale system design and implementation. Since those early days at Accenture, Tracey has created a start-up Consulting company, specializing in talent and learning consulting. Today, Tracey is the global Consulting Innovation & Knowledge Director, focused on go-to-market offering and differentiation strategy. She also serves as Accenture’s global Chief Knowledge Officer, and co-leads the Chicago Accenture Strategy community.

Tracey has also played an active role through her professional career reshaping the professional environment for women in technology, as well as mentoring and coaching diverse owned business leaders. At Accenture, she currently serves as the Chicago Women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) lead. Outside of the domestic market, she is also committed to refocusing efforts in India to expand opportunities for female professionals across the country.

Locally, Tracey is passionate about building the Chicago market and improving the lives of those less fortunate.  She leads a partnership between Accenture and World Business Chicago as well as the Chicago Civic Consulting Alliance, she is a board member of Back on My Feet, a member of the Executive’s Club of Chicago and spends time leading / advising pro bono work at many local non-profit organizations, including assisting with the development of the recently announced P33 Initiative with Kelly Welsh, Chris Gladwin and Penny Pritzker. 

Outside of work, Tracey enjoys running and staying healthy, completing her first marathon in 2017.  She also enjoys ballroom dancing, hiking, and quality time with family and friends.  Tracey graduated from Ball State University with a BS in Finance and an MS in Information and Communication Sciences. She is the mother of three and currently resides in downtown Chicago.

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